Will the fear-mongering ever stop?



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Next time I get the chance I am going to order a Philly cheese steak without the bun. I Think I can make this work.


American culture is so delusional that people who write that stuff often believe in it too. The ones who know its literally just an ad for food industry, its a choice of being part of corruption and having food in the table vs less work and more stress. Easy choice for many editors that dont have much work and are paid minimum wage.

(Bunny) #24

You could do a lot of fear mongering with processed foods and sugars, only issue is, is that it is 100% correct but nobody wants to believe it, because your local Dr. X is more worried about his or her pay check than practicing preventable medicine?

Eating more fat even on a high carb diet would be better and more beneficial than NOT eating any fat at all when you stitch all the correlations in the falsified scientific research together?


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I almost ordered that for lunch today! wow - great minds think alike. :crazy_face:


They are responsible for taking fake news mainstream… so that fits.


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Please film your son tearing apart the non-stop litany of pharma ads. This guy has 730k followers, doing something similar:

(Full Metal Keto) #29

This is kind of the opposite of what I thought to be true. HCHF seems a lot like SAD to my thinking. As I understand things it’s best to choose either LCHF or LFHC. LFHC obviously being the inferior choice but at least that doesn’t lead to arterial clogging as much as HCHF. Although you could definitely be susceptible to diabetes and other problems depending much on the carb choices. HCHF seems like the worst combination possible especially since people who eat with that kind of diet also get copious amounts of hydrogenated vegetable oil with high amounts of Omega 6. ??? Can you give some evidence to support this? Of course I know you have it! I noted you also said “no fat” but I don’t think there are zero fat carb eaters in the real world. :cowboy_hat_face:

(notice how I adopted your ???) :grin:

(Karim Wassef) #30

I think the difference is between two kinds of SAD

one SAD is based on natural foods - like whole fruits (not juice), potatoes, yams, brown rice + keto whole foods

the other SAD is processed - fruit juice, high fructose corn syrup, processed breads + fat free sugar added foods

They’re both SAD, but the processed SAD is much worse.

Having said that - I’ll say that it’s possible to do over-processed keto too if we’re not careful. All the keto bars and keto pizza dough… it’s ok in moderation, but processing can also happen on keto.

(Bunny) #31

The high-carb-high-fat HCHF (SAD diet) mystery goes back to Ancel Keys and some mysterious hidden research tapes found in the basement of a dead researchers house by his son?

Paul touches on that below and Carl (dudes) posted the actual transcripts from the tapes/papers (obscure journal?) somewhere on the forum but I don’t remember where?

“…For 16 years?..” Pisses me off! When you stop to think how many people went to their graves because of hiding information/research and being bullied by Ancel Keys and other corporations with vested interests?

(Full Metal Keto) #32

@atomicspacebunny Yes, I agree those studies were misleading and data was manipulated. But I thought the science behind artery plaque is based on sugars (glucose) irritating/inflaming the arteries and cholesterol being used to sooth the irritation of those walls leading to eventual calcification. That’s why arterial plaque isn’t forming on our high fat keto diets and plaque gets a chance to clear up and dissolve eventually even though cholesterol rises if we stay true to the keto eating? :cowboy_hat_face:

(Bunny) #33

My thoughts on this is YES, that would probably happen eventually. If your eating a high carb (sugar), high fat diet but not as FAST as it occurs today with “LOW FAT.” Without enough fat in the diet it is difficult to absorb calcium when the diet is high in sugar thus blocking the absorption of Vitamin K which keeps calcium bound to phosphorus (your bones and teeth). So it floats around in the blood stream and that’s when radial arterial calcification occurs, not only that but calcification of the internal organs also!

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HAHAHA :laughing:

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All education is self education.

(Linda T) #36

Notice how many times the people she quoted said (in some fashion) “You can’t do this without a nutritionist.” The old guard “experts” are obviously feeling pretty threatened. The fear-mongering will probably get worse before it gets better.

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Boom! Pithy and perfect.

It’s all 'bout dat paper :heavy_dollar_sign::moneybag::dollar:

(Tony Campbell) #38

The weight won’t necessarily come back! You could always starve yourself on calorie counting and stay lean but miserable?

(Susan) #39

We also have to be aware of the people that are Keto rip-off artists… saying you have to buy their specific pills, protean shakes, bars, Keto coffee drinks, etc etc,

They are rampant and just as bad.

I would rather just be on this forum and discuss Keto and get advice, ideas from other real people that are experiencing and living the lifestyle!

(Jane) #40

A lot of folks are so conditioned to have to go buy “special products” for a new diet they can’t believe they just have to shop differently and buy real food to start keto.

The only keto product I ever bought was instant coffee with powdered MCT oil and butter in it. I take it with me on my business trips to China because coffee is so hard to find there. I figured it if was gonna be instant it may as well have built in fat, too! Since they drink a lot of tea and plain hot water I can always get hot water for my instant coffee.