Will the fear-mongering ever stop?

(Murphy Kismet) #41

I worked in a health food store. I can’t count how many customers would come in and ask for “the keto diet pill” that they saw on Dragon’s Den.

I tried to explain to them that it’d be like selling a “vegan diet pill”.

Most of them didn’t “get” it. :roll_eyes:

(Shane) #42

My list of food type products not to buy were ones that had things like diet, low fat, healthy or a high health rating on the packages. I’ve added anything with keto on the label or in the name too.
Perhaps we should be showing people what real keto food looks like.

(Ethan) #43

What a load of crap! It’s called “popular science” because the former is more important than the latter here. I mean, really… Ketosis is measurable, so we know we are in ketosis–even if eating 70% of calories from fat–or even 60%! We are not treating epilepsy, which may indeed require 80-90% fat; we are treating other conditions that do fine with less. Even so, we know that healthy fats are SATURATED fats, but this schmuck author is still on that old way of thinking that PUFAs are best.