WIKI: Favorite Keto Related Podcasts


(Mark Myers) #41

@Mark Yes, I listen to podcasts in my 45 minute commute to and from work each day. Hopefully, it will show up eventually on Android. Thanks

(Cathy Schroder) #42

I love Audible books. I can fit in twice as many now, as I drive at least two and a bit hours to work every day.

(Joel Abdul) #43

Dr. Dom Dagastion was on The Ben Greenfield fitness podcast yesterday. They covered some interesting info on MCT oil (and other things). Cliff notes version: the doc gave it two thumbs up😉

(KetoCowboy) #44

This thread is great.

It took me forever to give Keto Talk a chance (because I was too busy binging on 2KetoDudes), but I’m glad I got around to it.

If you haven’t given Doc Nally a shot, I recommend starting at the 8:45 mark of this episode. His remarks on calories vs. hormones in weight gain are spot on imo.


Leanne Vogel: The Keto Diet podcasts.


Podcasts usually point me towards the next audiobooks I should download on Audible. I don’t really like binging on only Podcasts because once your Keto knowledge goes so far you need to dig deeper and that’s where books come in. Some great Podcasts have been listed here so I won’t expand, but I will say the $15 a month I spend on Audible is easily the best $15 I spend all month.

(Kipp Howard) #47

Just added “Keto for Women” that was discussed recently on Keto Talk.


Added a new one to the list, featuring Jeff Volek on STEM Talk #43 . Volek is one of the pioneers in field of nutritional ketosis. The title says “diabetes” but it’s about a lot more than that. He also covers athletic performance, epigenetics, fat phobia, cholesterol, fiber, and exogenous ketones.

(ianrobo) #49

Ok you want to get mad ??? Well you ever heard John McDougall with Jimmy Moore, now is the chance on Llvc classics just out, got to listen really for how obnoxious a person can be :scream::triumph::rage::confounded:

(Linda) #50

Just listened to it yesterday, it was a hoot!

(ianrobo) #51

how Jimmy kept his cool god knows how, Mr Moore, you are fat he was saying !

(Katie) #52

(Karl L) #53

Not sure about Keto For Normies. On their first episode they revealed that they’re cat people and aren’t crazy about bacon!


I made it about 20 minutes. I hope some people like it and get info from it but I can’t stand the format (what they said the format is going to be anyway) or the bubbly chatter. But to each their own, I like dry science I guess.

(Kipp Howard) #55

Updated the list with Keto For Normies.

(Katie) #56

Their YouTube channel is their primary business, and it is really great!

(Katie) #57

This was a good episode

(Katie) #58

This was a good episode. It was not about pushing Perfect Keto products–there was other valuable information. WARNING: This podcast is explicit.

(Damon Chance) #59

Actually they said that their blog is their main source of income. However I assume that may change over time if they start taking on sponsors for their channel. YouTube can be pretty lucrative with a larg e enough audience.

(Katie) #60

They have a dog now, Julius.