Why not avocado?

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Indeed… :joy:

Although the appropriate response is…

“No it isn’t”

PS now I’m just going to waste the evening with MP sketches on autoplay… thanks!


That is not true,we did not remove natural pesticides from commonly eaten plants.Spinach still have massive amount of oxalate,nuts seeds and grains are still full of phytic acid,the mineral bioavaliability of veggies is joke,most of it is blocked by anti nutrients.

There are poisonous animals,some slow ones developed spikes for example like hedgehog.Not all plants are same,true,but all plants have huge evolutionary pressure to develop chemical deterants against their destroyers.All veggies,grains and nuts we eat have these poisons.

Furthermore,instead of trying to remove bad stuff,GMO can introduce new toxins so they save money on synthetic pesticides.


Absolutely there are poisonous plants, including some commonly eaten. But to extrapolate from that that all plants contain toxins harmful to humans is quite a stretch. Just because someone with some letters after their name says something does not make it universally true. Just ask the healthy critters in my garden who chow down on many of my plants.

And of course there are animals that can be toxic. But to say all animals are toxic to humans is the same over-reach as saying the same thing about plants.

Sure, some humans are more sensitive to some plants in terms of toxins and allergies, but again, we are not all alike. N=1, and all.

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That is never a wasted evening


Agreed. That’s why I make sure that those who violate my boundaries experience consequences. Vegans get primers on Vitamin B-12 and hunting. Environmentalists get an education on the value of fossil fuels. Social justice warriors get called out for the race-baiting bigots that they are. Nutritionists get to explain why they promote obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

At the end of the day, the lesson is this: we don’t need to agree – you just need to give up the idea that you are going to burden me with guilt or tell me what I may say or think.


"But to extrapolate from that that all plants contain toxins harmful to humans is quite a stretch. " No,its not.Name me single nut,grain,seed or vegetable that is commonly eaten and doesnt contain any chemical deterant.

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Carrnivore is animal products ONLY Avacados are plants. Simple as that. If you are eating plants you are doing Keto or Low carb.


No,it means I am avo carnivorian,its way cooler than keto.Its got that hipster factor,keto is getting so popular,its not edgy anymore to be keto.I was lacto ovo avo choco carnivore before it was cool,I am so unique.

And by the way,dont you dare to call avocado plant again,its tree bacon.Its technicaly meat that just happens to grow on tree.Just becose it grows on tree doesnt mean its any less carnivore food than pork bacon.All bacons are equal,to discriminate against tree bacon just becose where it was born is pure hatred.Its 2018,acts of bigotry like this will not be tolerated. #EQUALITY4TREEBACON

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Guess what - Avocado’s have carbs :open_mouth:
Guess what else - When persin is consumed by domestic animals through the leaves or bark of the avocado tree, or skins and seeds of the avocado fruit, it is toxic and dangerous. The fruit also contains persin. :smirk::sunglasses:


Thank you! Food classification is a social construct.

If an avocado thinks it’s meat, it’s meat, and you’ll address it as such lest ye be accused of transphobia.


Yes,but its super low carb.Meat have carbs too,glucose energy stores.Chicken liver have twice as many carbs as avocado per 100g.

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Question: Do strict carnivores only drink waster? All other teas, coffees and liquors are plant-based.

Just curious.

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That’s strange because I have real trouble with FODMAPS to the extent that I just don’t bother with them. But I’ve never had problems with avocado! I used to think that perhaps I could reintroduce FODMAPS after a long pause but that didn’t work. So, despite liking the taste of a lot of them I have to avoid them and now I don’t stress about that, despite so often being told they’re good for the gut. Not mine, they’re not. Nor for the noses of people around me for days afterwards


Just throwing this out there. By all definitions, my cat is a carnivore. But he loves avocado. So even this hardcore carnivore knows avos are awesome.


Blood? :rofl:

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It really is a plant food. Vegans eat it. It’s all well and good to think of it as tree bacon, but it’s clearly not food derived from an animal in three steps or less. It’s a plant. If you want to eat it, that’s fine. But it’s a plant.

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You could use the avocado as a seasoning, not as food. Then there is no problem, I guess. But this would not involve eating 2-3 avocados a day ;-).

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Like making quac to use on cheese crisps… fair compromise. I just broke a 48 hour fast with a platter of wings and I ate the celery, although it was merely a vessel to transport the blue cheese I couldn’t scrape out of the dish with the wings. I used to just use my finger but apparently I was “embarrassing” my wife… whatever.


No shmitt Sherlock,did you really think I am that crazy to really believe avocado isnt plant food? I was obviously joking(even though it might not been funny :pensive: ),I am not mentally handicapped,this isnt raw fruitarian forum full of psychotic ghouls hallucinating due to malnurished disintegrating brains.