Why not avocado?


What is the reason someone on carnivore diet would avoid avocado? Now,I get that it appears to be stupid question,let me explain.In my opinion,the true goal of carno diet is not to avoid eating plant food,the goal is being healthy.The carno diet tactic is to avoid all plant food,becose there are reasons to avoid them.

Fruits are sugary and vegetables have natural poisons and toxins in them to defent themself from animals.
Since 99.99% of fruit are full of sugar,and all vegetables have defensive molecules,it leads to conclusion to just make broadband plant food “ban” on carnivore diet.

But there is one plant food that is neither full of sugar,or anti vitamins and other chemical deterants.Avocado is very special becose its high fat,low carb fruit.Becose its fruit,there are no phytic acid,oxalate,phytoestrogens,sulphoraphane,digestive enzyme blockers,gluten… avocado wants the flesh of its fruit to be eaten by mammals,becose they spead its seed.

I just want to mention again how fantastic and unique is the fact that unlike almost all other fruits,avocado is low carb and high fat.No need to worry about insulin spikes,fattening,diabetes or fructose diarrhea.Also the type of fats inside avocado are good,unlike so many other plant oils,its low in polyunsaturated omega 6 fat that causes inflamation.Its also relatively low in fiber.

Avocado micronutrient profile is very impressive too,I think its gram for gram most nutrient dense plant food on this planet.Only thing that can match it on paper are veggies like kale or spinach.Problem with them however is that the high numbers are unreal,its a lie.Due to their extremly high anti nutrient content,the effective amount of minerals we get from them is much lower,in case of spinch and iron,up to 20 times less.

It can be overcome by cooking,but the reduction is not large and it destroys the heat sensitive vitamins.Avocado have no such issue,there are no anti nutrients and no cooking is needed,it can be eaten raw.
Its also delicious,in my opinion its the best tasting plant food.If I could eat only type of fruit for the rest of my life I would choose avocado.

So why are we,the carnivore diet people not eating it? Why not make it exception? I am on carno diet only 11 days,I was learning about this diet for same amount of time,so I am no expert.From what I saw,heard,and read,I didnt found single argument about why we should avoid avocado.Is there something I dont know about? Is there some study,or even n=1 report about avocado doing anything bad?

(Andrea Spradbrow) #2

I sometimes eat an entire avacodo daily and it has yet, as far as I know, threw me out of Ketosis. Avocados are relatively low in carbs and high in many nutrients and good for you fats. It’s probably one of the best things you can eat daily. Not sure why someone would ban it from their diet. That’s definitely odd.

(Erin Macfarland ) #3

You can eat avacado if you want, do what feels right for YOU, not what other people say you should do. If you want to eat mostly fatty meat and throw in some avacado go for it. It doesn’t make you bad, like the zealots on some ZC forums will tell you. It’s your body, you don’t get a prize for being “hardcore” lol

(bulkbiker) #4

This a million times over…

(Erin Macfarland ) #5

For those of us who have done keto long term- I’m almost 4 years in- one of the most important things to keep in mind is flexibility. For some people doing strict ZC works beautifully. But it does NOT mean that’s what works for you. What you need now might not be what you need in a month or a year. And being willing to try different things without judging yourself will keep you in this for the long haul. I did ZC for about 6 weeks and did ok, but I missed my veggies (and dark chocolate haha) so I stopped. I also got sick of the elitist dialogue on ZC forums. So if you eat mostly animal foods with other things mixed in, then do it. And enjoy yourself

(Karen) #6

If you want to belong to the “carni club”, no avacado. If you want an avocado because it’s the best for bilbil , then I’d go for it!! I would join a “club” that has avocado!!



(Robert C) #7

Yep - I have to agree here - the carnivore diet is no non-carnivore items - period. Nothing about having a better health goal (which could be stated as the goal of any diet). Carnivore diet thinks you can (and should) get everything from meat (or I guess they really mean meat, eggs, butter and cheese) and that you need nothing from fruits and vegetables. Compromising on that is similar to a vegan deciding that a steak each Friday is necessary to keep up their iron blood levels. Both (in my opinion) carnivore and vegan diets are so extreme in ideology that each - in their own way - becomes very difficult to sustain in the long run (i.e. every time you feel weak - you should probably have an entire blood panel done to see if your diet is messing you up).

(Elizabeth Stern) #8

(Robert C) #9

Just for some closure on this – let me expand on why you need to turn in your carnivore card if you eat avocados (and vegan card if you eat steak on Fridays for the iron). Per @Capnbob – there are no police on these matters. It is more about bad information spread. The person at a vegan dinner party that promotes being vegan to someone that is on the fence but, is actually having their weekly steak, still calling themselves vegan and holding themselves up as a positive example of the veganism diet isn’t helping. If you have avocados and they help because they are full of healthy fats and they help you stick to being mostly carnivore (i.e. with compliance). Then, it wouldn’t be fair to tell people that the carnivore diet is good because maybe it doesn’t have all the fats you need and maybe compliance is a real issue after a few weeks.

(Rob) #10

Nee-naw nee-naw :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::police_car:

The ZC Police :meat_on_bone::poultry_leg::cut_of_meat: have been called to your location… do not attempt to resist or raise any vegetables in a threatening manner… :eggplant::carrot::broccoli:

Your location has been established by our satellite lectin scanning technology :artificial_satellite:

Resistance is futile. Hand over the Avocado :avocado::gun:

Sorry… couldn’t help myself :flushed:

(Robert C) #11

You could promote names like vegetarians do:

  • Carnivorian – only eats meat
  • Ovo carnivorian – only eats meat and eggs
  • Lacto-ovo carnivorian – only eats meat, dairy products and eggs
  • Lacto-ovo-avo carnivorian – only eats meat, dairy products, eggs and avocados

(ZC police may give you a pass!)

(TJ Borden) #12

I disagree. There is a mental badge of honor when you can shove it in the face if your vegan friends… as I plan to do later today.

(Robert C) #13

Unless your short term prize / mental badge of honor gained turns into long-term solitude.

(TJ Borden) #14

Meh…I don’t see them that often anyway.

(Robert C) #15

How could that be!?!? :sunglasses:

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(Karen) #17

LOLOLOL :joy::joy::joy: too funy

(Bunny) #18

Carni looks grim without a real strong emphasis on organ meats or ofal.

The past research looks really grim on muscle meat only intake, as a main staple, most die of cancer eventually despite good biomarkers!

Marine life would be better!

(TJ Borden) #19

I’m starting to love organ meat. Chicken hearts and liver. Still trying to get on board with beef liver. I have some beef kidney in the freezer I’m going to try next week. It’s CHEAP too, at least until everyone else catches on.

(Robert C) #20

Chicken hearts, beef kidney - I think you are pretty safe on the “catches on” part.