Why not avocado?

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I know you were sorta joking (though obviously not really), but surely that’s a perfectly valid marketing approach used by capitalist brands and worthy charities the world over since the beginning of advertising. I suggest your issue is not the approach, but where it is directed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Digital text doesn’t contain tone, we bring it to the reading - unless there are lots of emojis. I’ll take that as a compliment :wink: :avocado:

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These links are others opinions. Is your opinion based on research or did you search for links to support your statement after being questioned? I stopped reading after 2 of the links provided.

  • The first link includes “I ate a high-vegetable but extremely low-carb diet from December 2005 to January 2008. At the time I thought I was getting about 300 carb calories a day, but I now consider this to have been a zero-carb diet, since I don’t believe carb calories are available from most vegetables. Vegetable carbs are mostly consumed by gut bacteria, whose assistance we need to break down vegetable matter, or by intestinal cells which consume glucose during digestion.” This is so off base of research shared in the forums everyday.
  • The next link I opened is a Redit question linking to research and the first response is saying why the linked research is flawed.

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“Avocado is tree bacon!” Wish I had thought of that! And it’s also to add bacon to your avocado or your avocado to your bacon!


Remember when this thread used to be about avocados? Pepperidge farm remembers.

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Gets me in trouble all the time. If someone doesn’t know me and know that 90% of what I say isn’t intemded to be taken seriously, I can come across as way more of an ass hole than I really am.

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You must be new. We TRY to keep the first dozen or so posts on topic. After that, it’s a free for all. This actually stayed on topic well above average.

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Itemized List:

[1] People died of intestinal type cancers? So it is not my opinion or any bodies opinion, it is simply a skeptical observation!

[2] Since I am not perfect and cannot remember thousands of things at once, I had read about this on the links I provided on a previous occasion!

[3] You asked me to answer a question about the “sources of my assertions” on my previous statement in a post on this thread and I provided the information you requested!

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I recognize we will not move eachothers stances on this. I do not believe your links support your statement and you do, best we stop to leave the avocado post as an avocado post.

In transparency, even if I believed the links supported or partially supported your statement, I would continue to eat keto / carnivore with focus on muscle meat and no swimming protein than the % offal and certainly very little vegetation because I will choose quality of health while I’m living than extend my life not enjoying the ride and feeling less than I could to slightly reduce my risk of cancer.


@Capnbob – actually, my issue is not with the approach, it’s with the assumption that certain constituencies seem to have that they are entitled to lecture the rest of us without our consent.

I reject that vegans, environmentalists, social justice warriors, healthcare establishment apologists, etc., have any moral authority whatsoever, and I choose to not accept unsolicited lectures from them. I consider it a violation of my intellectual sovereignty to have someone who I do not know or respect try to tell me what I must think, or what I can say, or what values I must hold, or what choices I must make – all without my permission and in fealty to their agenda.

So, they have the right to speak, but so do I. And I do take perverse pleasure in explaining to a vegan that the best part of eating venison is recalling the hunt.

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That much was predictably obvious. At least we can agree that it is fun to bait vegans :grin:

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Meh. Folks with valid concerns do not merit flippant dismissal, no matter how inconvenient their concerns are to you.

Vegans are so easy, tho.


I doubt it. Sure, that’s something some people say, but like humans, not all plants are the same.

The plants that are commonly eaten today are not wild, but rather are the result of many years of human selection to remove harsh tastes/toxins. The veggies we eat today have been under cultivation and are quite mild compared to their wild ancestors - that’s why we like and eat them.

Can some people be negatively affected by eating some plants? Sure. Some are quite toxic. But not all. There is great variability in both humans and plants.

If plants developed toxic strategies to not be eaten, why did not animals?
Especially the slow or dumb ones. :wink:


Now see, this is a perfect illustration of exactly what I’m talking about, and thanks!

I live free in a western liberal democracy, so I’ll determine whether the concerns of others are “valid”, whether they “merit” dismissal, and how “flippantly” I may choose to dismiss then. As to how “inconvenient” a concern is for me is based on its legal and moral weight. As to its moral weight, I’ll assess it against my moral framework, not someone else’s. But if I find the concern has no such weight and I dismiss it, it’s hardly inconvenient to me.

Vegans and their ilk stridently represent themselves as “folks with valid concerns”. I just reject that. And while I may sound strident in my response, I’m not lecturing anyone on how they should think, speak, or act.

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If you’re ever in the Seattle USA area, let me know and we’ll grab a beer, although we drink it cold and hoppy versus the British cask and malty.

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To restate: meh.

Liberal democracy is freedom to be as flippant or dismissive as you like. It is not freedom from being called out for it. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence.

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But your strident response serves no other purpose than to attempt to do this. No-one but you cares what you think about an issue so if it really is irrelevant to you, you could just agree to disagree rather than constantly repeat your objection to someone else opinion with an explanation of some entirely subjective personal assessment framework about “legality” and “morality” as if others should see the overriding validity of your position. We are all free to say what we want but should be clear about what we are actually saying.

I don’t want this to devolve into an argument (I only paid for the 5 minute argument not the full half hour :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and I totally get that you object to an opinion and approach contrary to your own and have every right to do so.

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You’re wrong @Capnbob, and I’m tired of your bull shit. You say:

The fact is, I don’t even care about what I think. And if you’re now thinking, what the hell is he talking about? then I’ve made my point, which is nothing at all. Sometimes I just need to argue for the sake of argument. We’re just going to have to disagree to agree.

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Dammit… I only paid for the 5 minute argument :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I believe that you may be referring to this ?