Why do people appear to lose hair when they go on a ketogenic diet

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In my experience, just rinsing the hair does a lot to refresh how it looks. There’s a men’s long hair site that advises only shampooing every third day, but using conditioner every day. I don’t know how well that would work for women, though.


My hair (if it already very much needs a washing) only gets okay if I use enough shampoo twice and don’t sleep in wet hair. It stays oily if I mess with the sleep one and I don’t see the logic in it but it’s what happened every time.
I don’t even know what conditioner exactly is but seems a huge overcomplication for my life so I don’t use such things. And if I can’t use shampoo, why to do anything with my hair? I don’t have a dusty workplace or anything.

I am pretty glad my 4-5 days grew to 7-8, much more convenient. And now I wash my hair with cold water and during the day so I can skip the usual 2-3x1-2 minutes hairdrying I hate (never could do much more).

Every day, OMG, nope. It’s a chore enough to make my hair wet once a week.

I just couldn’t resist, of course people are different and different things may work for them!

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I have curly hair so I don’t comb it between washings. I wash it about every third day (unless I got VERY sweaty during a workout) or I start to get dreadlocks. :laughing: I also don’t use a hairbrush but a wide-toothed comb only when wet.

Earlier in the year, news came out about a class action lawsuit against makers of cosmetics and shampoos that use a chemical called DMDM hydantoin (aka DMDM). It was supposedly making people lose hair.

According to articles I read, the amount of the formaldehyde it releases is no more than what we get from eating a piece of fruit (I did not know we get formaldehyde naturally in some of the foods we eat), but that some people can have an allergy to it resulting in scalp inflammation.

Below is a link to an article in case you are interested:

I have found there are certain shampoos over the years I can’t use because they make my scalp unbearable itchy.

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Very interesting article! I signed up for their emails. I ran and looked at the products I use. And couldn’t find any of the ingredients. I will try the routine shampoo and conditioner I ordered. They are free of anything that is harmful,and unscented! Also reduce my shampoo schedule. My only thing is I live in Arizona. And it’s pretty hot here. Looking forward to cooler weather!!

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Your cooler weather is probably like my summer weather, LOL.

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Yeah!! Our weather’s summer weather is usually between, 108-121!! :grimacing: Our winters are pretty chilly for me. Between 70-40ish. Sometimes freeze’s. Not often. Lots of sun :sunglasses:


I’ve not washed my hair for a week and look like I’ve slept in a hedge. Just removed a hair clip and my hair didn’t fall down🥺
Think I might wear the wig to take the dogs out!

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They may be (probably are) wrong about your thyroid. Do you have other symptoms? Dry skin? Tired a lot? Cold/cool when others aren’t? Look into what tests they did and what range were they in. Hypothyroidism is typically misdiagnosed in women.

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Yes. Have thought of getting a referral for an endocrinologist. I have all symptoms. Did a thyroid test with lab called let’s get cked. And they said I had Low. And with the questioner, they suggested more testing. Currently take .75 levothyroxine.

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Hi Wendy, did the levothyroxine help/ reduce the symptoms please? Hope it’s ok to ask, I’m trying to learn about thyroid stuff but it’s so complex!

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Yes some. Depression lessoned. Fatigue. I still have freezing feet and hands, specially at night. Very thin eyebrows. Almost non existent. Moods still swing. And yes hair loss has gotten worse. Dry skin. I use CeraVe cream. I am going to give it another month. Busy Hunting season. Then I will return my Dr. And see how things are and consider a referral.
No problem asking I am more than willing to share in order to help others.

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I have come to believe that for some of us, keto can trigger hair loss. And once the cycle begins, it will eventually balance out again and you’ll have a bazillion little baby horse sprouting all over. At my worst is when I added Collagen. I think it helped my new hair come in better and stronger and thinner. But I honestly don’t know if the collagen helped the fallout stop, or time simply took care of it.


That’s sure gonna get heavy :rofl:

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Haha! Meant HAIRS obviously. But I do love ponies.

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Yes, it is!

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Just read this thread. Good reading! @robintemplin thanks re the collagen, I’ll order some this morning. I took it a few years ago but stopped. Funny how hair grows for you in places it hasn’t in years! I dreamed lastnight that I had to shave my legs after a decade - lord, not looking forward to that! But after this 9 months carnivore my hair is definitely thicker and melanin production starting up again in the roots, that “dirty blond” color @Fangs mentioned. But yeah, still coloring.



yea me too :wink: my gray is coming in way less and more of a darker normal hair color gray for me vs. the more whitey color it was…so I see improvement but darn, I love my ‘‘real’’ wink…blond hair color and I know zc ain’t bringing me back to that HAHA

but ya know we see improvement so we know point blank we are doing something very well for ourselves!!

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I think I took a little extra the first several months. Then after my issues had resolved or were greatly improving, I cut back to the recommended amount.