Why do people appear to lose hair when they go on a ketogenic diet


I wouldn’t say I’m vain, per se… more self conscious. Funny how years of bullying can kill your self confidence :thinking:

I definitely can’t be bothered with a full face of make-up, and most days I don’t wear any at all as I won’t be going any place aside from the supermarket xD Besides, more mature skin is pretty unforgiving if you pile it all on.

I just wear a lightweight colour corrector to even out my skin tone, a coat of mascara and a little definition for my sparse eyebrows.

I like to add a little ‘glam’ every now and then just to feel more feminine, as that’s always been my sore spot, as a very tall person who isn’t classically 'pretty. So it would be nice to wear a little colour on my nails sometimes if it decides it isn’t going to chip off after 5 seconds ; )


I use a gel polish by Gelish on my toes. It’s thick and doesn’t need a lamp. It does not crack or chip and comes off with standard remover. I don’t always remove it, just apply a new layer. The bottle lasts years and the brush applicator is good. It doesn’t need a base or top coat and is strong and glossy.
I wear clear polish on my hands as I’m tough on them. I’ve found OPI Nail Envy is the best no lamp polish I’ve come across, especially for thin/damaged nails.


I swear polish will stay on my toenails for YEARS xD


Never painted my toenails :slight_smile: Oh those nails are strong, not as strong as normal people’s as I can easily cut them with simple scissors… Just perfect. And they grow like crazy.
My fingernails do the same, I need to reapply nailpolish after 2-3 days anyway as it grows a lot during that time somehow. Well okay I can ignore that, I need the protection to cover the other part of my nails… And that chips off almost right away. I lose the polish from my nails on the first days. Not from all but while I am a lazy one who can do basically nothing for long, if I paint my nails, I immediately grab things. (I probably do little things almost all the time, I just consider them basically nothing.)
Clear nailpolish never worked for me as they were too thin. Maybe not all of them are like that but I like to see if it came off anyway.
But filing nails is a chore too :frowning: And I need that a lot :frowning: It’s good I never wear any makeup, my nails give me enough problem. And that I am not a male who needs to shave, that would be horrible too. My SO has baby smooth lower legs :smiley: But he has so much problems with his facial hair, poor soul. Yeah I have some hair to remove too but if I forget about it for a month, nothing happens while he looks bad and older after a week (he can’t do it more often, sensitive skin vs those horrible strong coarse things, ouch). The most annoying ones are my 3-4 chin hairs, I had a bad fall once and I have a scar there where my body decided I totally NEED that 3-4 super coarse hair (growing quickly. my hairs do that too, not only my nails. it’s good that the growing happens under my skin first so it’s half minute per 2 weeks). I don’t think I can complain, really, most people have it worse :slight_smile:

I have a top coat when I accidentally bought some but it’s cool, I use it on my painted rocks and mushroom sculptures :smiley: Shiiiiny! Good for my nails too but when I had it, I already used a thicker, uglier green paint underneath and some light green sparkly thing over it, my nails looked like some yellowish green christmas beetles, cool… It was already 2 layers more than what I would have liked so another layer on top… Oh my, no. But it did good, I am just lazy to bother with such things.
Maybe some primer (base if it’s nailpolish? I think it’s primer for normal paint? but English is my third language and second best) would keep my paint on my nails but I think I would just scratch it off anyway. I am not so bad with nailpolish, I can’t stand other things like gloves or bandaids on me for minutes, usually :smiley:

Oh and I only buy the cheapest stuff, of course. It’s a big enough thing that I buy any. But I like my gel like nailpolish, I am pretty sure it’s because of me that it can’t last long.

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Can you please explain what this is? Thanks!
PS: I only asked because when I attempted research it, only DHT BLOCKER comes up.

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My line of work is herbs, supplements and homeopathic. People automatically assume I take dozens of supplements. Nope! I take a good food derived multivitamin women 55+, berberine, vitamin D3 5,000 IU, omega fish oil and collagen! Nails, skin and hair are great…and I’m 60 1/2!

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Yes I have added Collagen peptides. The supplement: Advanced Trichology
BHT blocker with immune support. Supports blocking of the negative impact of DHT on the hair both men and women.
It says to take 4 caps adays but I take 2. I have cut back tremendously. Only take a Omega-3,K2/D3, vit C, B complex. I would love to hear what you think after your research. Always open to new things.

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Drs update: Dr. Said my thyroid was within range. He said my scalp has inflammation. And the shampoo was to blame. So I’ve ordered some new free of everything shampoo and conditioner. Anxious to see if it improves.:crossed_fingers:


Thought I’d update about hair loss as mine seems to have stopped. I don’t think shedding was because of starting KETO as it was shedding for two months prior. I suspect doubling protein has helped but I can’t be certain.
So the emergency wig I bought isn’t needed and can stay in my car boot for now :crossed_fingers:

(Wendy) #54

Mine is still scary awful!! Thyroid was with in levels. Cut 4" off. And am very gentle with it. Pulled all stops. Ordered some shampoo and conditioner called "Routine " has good reviews. :crossed_fingers: Also am taking the 4 suggested capsules of the BHT blocker hair vit from Advanced Trichology. I have never had it this bad. Hope it stops soon. Gp Dr got me a referral for Dermatologist. He said my scalp was inflamed. Why I decided to get shampoo and conditioner that’s free of the bad stuff. My diet has to improve it. On a BBBE diet. Aka Carnivore. With water only.


Fingers crossed that the new shampoo and conditioner works Wendy. I know how frightening hair loss is, I’m being really careful with mine too, trying to wash it far less often etc.
Great news about your thyroid, that’s a big relief. I need to have a scan on mine as apparently I’ve been hyperthyroid since 2014 but my surgery didn’t tell me until 3 weeks ago!

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The endocrine stuff is very confusing. I have also skipped a day in-between washing my hair comb very gentle and put it up. Keep me posted.


What the heck?! o_O Is that not something they thought you should know… I just… wow…


I agree, I’m baffled! I’ve been a bit all over the place since accidentally being told on a ‘phone appointment with the surgery nurse. It certainly explains why I’ve struggled with insomnia/hyperactivity for years. I honestly think they forgot to tell me!
I don’t trust the surgery now so have paid for a load of blood tests and am trying to eat every nutrient known to man and keep Keto-ing!


I’d be mad as all hell with them, seriously. Can’t say I’d trust them now either! That’s nuts.

I hope you can get some proper guidance on that now, and obviously, some good clean keto will help to balance you out :heart:

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I wash my hair once a week. Sometimes longer. This is appalling to some. But my hair is not oily and I can get away with it. Hairdressers have said it’s healthier for your hair … but I have no idea if that’s true.


But… WHY? I do the same. It was different before, I did it every 4-5 days but it changed. If it’s fine, not oily yet and it didn’t get dirty, why would I wash it…? I do wash it about once a week, what’s wrong with that?

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Rinsing and conditioning are okay, apparently, just not shampooing very often.


Unless your hair has a tendency to look like it’s been through a deep fat fryer after a day, then I really don’t see the issue here. You can definitely over wash and make your hair dry and brittle! I only do mine once a week too ; )


I can get to about day 4 and then usually give up and wash it. This week I’m trying to do a full week as I don’t have any evening social’s booked.
Are there any tricks to get hair to look freshly washed other than the talc that my mum used to cover us in for school?