Why do people appear to lose hair when they go on a ketogenic diet


@robintemplin: My collagen peptides arrived and I consume them since days! My SO started it yesterday, we bought enough to last for both for a while, maybe just enough to see results if they want to happen :slight_smile: We will see :wink:

(Wendy) #86

Hi Robin!
I am Soo excited to say! I new baby hairs!! At my temples is where it’s most noticable. Thank you for your suggestions! I’m not sure if it’s the Collagen? Increased fats? Or shampoo? Maybe all?? I’m just happy about the results!! :grinning:

(Robin) #87

Yay! So happy for you!
And that’s always the quandary, isn’t it? Would this have resolved on it’s own in time anyway? Who knows, but the other improvements are enough to convince me to stick with it.

(Robin) #88

Judy, don’t assume I started shaving again! I still don’t even own a razor. :grin:


My SO complains about the taste but wants more hair. He has hair but it’s a bit thin in the front (where his younger brother is bald. it must be generic)… He doesn’t want more leg hair (his calves are almost completely hairless, IDK how he does that, he is a male and he is a mammal… I have no hairiness problem myself but hell, even I have hairs there!)

I have dense hair, I want it to be a bit stronger, along with my nails if possible! But I take any positive changes I can get :slight_smile:

(Judy Thompson) #90

Lol! Okay. Assumption rescinded :rofl:

(Rebecca ) #91

Robin, something I noticed since using collagen is the hair on my legs ( and head) grow like CRAZY! I’m 60 and shave my legs every other day now :exploding_head:!
My nails also need clipped much sooner and are rock solid…as well as any ridges are gone!! I believe I’ve used it a little over a month.


I’ve not noticed my head hair growing any faster, but thankfully that also means the same is true of my body hair xD

Eyebrows are coming back in really well though : )

(Rebecca ) #93

Oh, yes…I forgot the eyebrows! They’re thickening, also!!


I am a lazy one, I wouldn’t shave my legs, I have an old epilator, much better. But this far I didn’t need to use it very much either (I forget about it for months sometimes. my legs aren’t hairless then but not bad)… I have dark brown hair, I don’t want thick leg hair but if it would be the price of healthier, stronger nails, so be it! :wink:

(Robin) #95

Yes indeed! And yay!
I’m at the age when I could care less about hairy legs, etc. forget shaving.
Nobody is looking. And if they are… that’ll teach ‘em!

(Wendy) #96