Why do people appear to lose hair when they go on a ketogenic diet


I never was into supplements, to put it lightly (I always was unable to supplement anything) but you waxed poetry about this stuff and now I looked it up and talked with my SO so when the chance emerges (we saw it somewhere including webshops we order food from, they often have these things), we will grab it! :wink: I could use basically all the potential benefits except the age spot thing as I don’t have such things yet :slight_smile: If it will work for me to any noticeable extent, I will be thankful forever! :wink: My nails are especially annoyingly weak and I can eat well, it doesn’t change :frowning: It would be nice not to be practically forced to wear nailpolish all the time.

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@Shinita Good! I am not huge into supplements either. And taking it before you have age spots is smart, in my opinion. And your nails will get so strong and grow so fast, they’ll be a nuisance!

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I take hair loss very seriously. My hair has always been one of my best attributes… all my life… extremely thick and course. Just plain lucky, thanks to my dad’s genes.
So, when it was coming out in alarming handfuls, it wasn’t as obvious as it could have been. But nevertheless, I was panicked. Vanity is a strong motivator, even in my 60s. I’m working on it.

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I totally get it!! When I was 5yrs old. I was going to be a hairdresser. At 15.5 I was fortunate enough to win a half scholarship. Hair has always been a big deal for me. My own hair has always been like you one of my attributes. Always midback length, and wavy. When I had to change the side I parted it on was one thing. But my brush and the daily shower drain. Is terrifying. That’s why finally I decided to cut it. I hate shorter hair on me. But hopefully it will grow back pretty fast. I too am 62. I just have to remember the good things that are happening to me. And be Thankful!! and have patience. Talking to you and others helps!!


It’s definitely horrifying when you run your fingers through your hair and what seems like half of it comes away with your hand :sob:

My hair is very fine, but naturally curly which makes it look bigger than it really is, though there’d always been quite a lot of it. I spent years hiding it in protective hair styles like braids because it just goes so damned frizzy if there’s even a whiff of moisture in the air. I’ve been wearing it au naturel for a few years now though and growing out the sides which I had shaved for ages. It’s starting to look very thin and sad, and now I come to think of it, that does seem to have gotten worse after being keto for a couple of months o_O

Hopefully the cow powder will help xD Nails will be interesting to monitor too; they’ve always been like paper. Can’t even wear nail polish because my papery nails just flex and it all chips off inside 24 hours :rofl:

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I have noticed my nail ridges are gone and have gotten much thicker. Also have noticed my eyelashes are about 1/2" long!! I am very pleased about that. Just figure my hair is the last to improve!! The collagen I’m hoping will help!! Although I’ve read that vitamin C helps your body use collagen. So I have started taking it also.


Just had a quick look at my nutrient trends on Cronometer, and it seems I’m easily hitting (and exceeding) the recommended daily amount of vit C, so hopefully that should suffice. If I can avoid rattling when I walk from all the supplements I’m taking, then that would be preferable :rofl:

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I used to take a lot!! Of supplements. I have stopped most. Am only taking Omega-3,BHT blocker, vitamin b complex. Cause when I used to stop I would get canker sores in my mouth. And vitamin C. I started having side effects from so many vitamins. Guess my body doesn’t need them anymore. This Carnivore lifestyle is all new to me. Everyday is a learning lesson. And I am eager to learn.


I never lost much hair at once in my life, keto did absolutely nothing to it so I have that, at least. I could use stronger hair though, it’s merely shiny and silky and dense and colorful but I always had split ends… It has its strength, I broke a few combs in my life. I can’t use such things. I basically quite like my hair, it just could be stronger. But maybe it’s doomed, well, I can live with that.
Any positive change will be fine, my nails could use it more :slight_smile: Me, my nails and nailpolish… They don’t mix so well. I always lose some on the first day and then need to redo it, so tiresome. And finding a good, subtle color isn’t easy… But at least I have many bottles for my rock painting. Oh yeah, using acrylic paint and then its solvent doesn’t do good to my painted nails either…

I mostly live on well cooked meat and eggs… I don’t get scurvy but my vitamin C intake must be super low. But as long as it works, it’s fine for me.
I bought a bag of ascorbic acid once but I can’t take supplements (I only used it in some dishes or maybe once in a blue moon took a pinch?) so I need to use the vitamin C from my food. Mostly the well cooked meat as eggs has none. And that must be barely any but I must have enough for my reduced need due to being close to carnivore most of the time…?
I don’t know about my inner workings, it’s my body’s job and it’s good at it. Not perfect but I almost always feel quite healthy (it was similar on high-carb) just lowish energy. Sadly I belong to the group with this problem. Not super low energy on average, just lowish. And I was born lazy too, bad combo sometimes.

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A great polish is one you can get from Walmart or online. It is a clear gel. And I was surprised it stays on good about a week. It’s called “Pink Armor” nail gel. Worth the $9.00 price tag. For me everyday has it’s surprise. Cause I did a lot of damage. And my body is in the recovery process.
I didn’t get this way overnight. It’s all about patience. :slight_smile:


Well… this is unexpected… my left eyebrow has started to grow back in properly.

I have a couple of scars there from being my clumsy, disaster prone self, and also have many years of over plucking and even shaving of my eyebrows behind me (#just Goth things).

There was a massive gap in the lefty and it was super sparse in general but I noticed this morning that it’s looking more like the right one now. That’s a win :smiley:


Cronometer has been a bit of an eye opener, it’s taking me some time to set it up but I love it. I don’t need 50% of the supplements I thought I did so it’s saved a fortune!

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Yes! mine too. And my non-gray hair is darker now. My only complaint is… I was enjoying the age-related absence of underarm and leg hair. (etc)
Suddenly I have a very healthy crop of hair everywhere.


Uh-oh… please don’t let it make my chin hair any more… luxuriant :rofl:

I’m past plucking that at this stage. I just shave every morning xD

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Oh girl… the beard is here to stay.
You know, our moms told us many things about menopause, but never mentioned the beard. What the what!? (I shave too)


I knew it was coming. My grandma just let hers flow… and ohhh boy did it flow. It was like a chin halo in the sunlight, wafting about in the breeze xD

Mine’s super wiry. Grimness. Too late for laser removal too as it’s pretty much all bright white. Ah well.

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I’m still a plucker. If I can’t find them my husband will!!:laughing: Can’t do wax I’m allergic to it! Has become a morning routine!!


I do not use polish because I have always had a coat of oil on my nails and polish peels off after two days. I am not overly active or a big house cleaner so I am not sure why it happens. My nails have always been pretty sturdy and I have no noticed any change. My daughters do their nails and I have started encouraging them to only use formaldehyde and other harsh chemical free polishes. They are easy enough to get at the local CVS. I also only use natural dyes that I mostly get at the Vitamin Shoppe although they were out the last time I went so if anyone has suggestions on natural non henna hair dye

As for hair, I always had a lot and the only times it fell out was after pregnancy and when I first went Keto/IF in 2017. It lasted a number of months and I had to be careful if I was cooking. Not sure what changed when but now it is good. I am in my 50s and a friend who is in her 30s commented on my thick hair the other day so I think I am good. It is not the way it was in my 20s (those 80s hair pictures are a little scary) but it is thick enough although grayer than I like. A year or two into keto I had the back layered and a friend commented that it made my hair look too thin. Since the back of my hair is very thick, I was surprised but got rid of the layers and eventually it got thicker again

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You are very fortunate. My hair was always good. A dirty blonde,and fairly thick. Could put it up without a pin to hold it. But being a hairdresser,I just couldn’t let it look like it has been without doing something about it. I had to cut about 4" off and re layerd it agian. Thank goodness the curl hides a lot. I have started taking Collagen. And take a BHT blocker. :crossed_fingers:I don’t color my hair never did. But used to highlight it. But nature has taken over that job. Strange only in the front and sides. The back is still natural. And not gray.

I am a very active person. And nails and polish has never been a priority for me. My sister has painted her nails for yrs! But not me. Even when I worked in the shop. Just hair and face was my seller. Just have to keep hanging in there, hope it will grow and quit falling out.


I never painted my nails until maybe 1-2 year ago? I had enough of my zero and below zero (that’s painful) nails…
The nailpolish come off from some nails the first day so it’s a bit annoying but I NEED it to have my 1-3mm nails. It’s handy to have nails.
(My SO had monster nails when I met him, maybe 1 cm? Longer on his pinky. It was ages ago, IDK but it was very long and strong…)

I could never use makeup, it always sounded something Super Complicated and tiresome and anyway, I am not vain. I just want stronger, not painful, usable nails. (But they are prettier longer too and it can’t hurt if I have something in my looks I like… I am okay with my hands already even with my shortish fingers, only my nails are problematic.)