Why did I buy this?

(Bella) #41

Great for dry feet and elbows

(Bella) #42

the coco butter I mean


I have so many weird things in my cupboards left over from weird diets, new cooking books I got & wanted to try all the recipes… Keto is no different apart from really loving this, so easier to stick to!
I bought a 1kg bag of coconut flour on offer, but as I’m the only ketoer in the family, how am I going to get through that?!! I tried making bread with it, but the result wasn’t great… any tried & tested recipe suggestions please?
As for cocoa butter, I’ve read it quite a few times here in recipes recently, can’t remember where though, sorry Alec!

(Doug) #44

Great line, Ron. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Barbara M) #45

To combat this problem, I have recently started to write either the recipe name or page of a cook book next to the item on my grocery list. That gives me a better chance of the ingredient actually getting used for what I intended.

I also primarily meal prep on weekends. I use a spiral bound notebook (I know, low tech) as l make my list (starting Sat morning) of things to make and will also mark a cook book page or something to remind me. I can refer back to the list if I need any reminders. Works so far…

(Brian) #46

I think I could find a few things I had bought that I never did use. A few, I still will. But some I bought, I used a little of and pretty much decided I don’t like them. (Flax seeds are one of them, and I now have two different varieties of flax seeds I don’t like.)

At least with the stuff that’s refrigerated, it expires and goes bad, whether I use it or not. So that stuff doesn’t accumulate.

(Kristen EATON) #47

Unflavored gelatin! Any clues why I bought it? I certainly don’t know why! :rofl:

(Bella) #48

I know this is going to be unpopular - Apple Cider Vinegar.

I bought one of those giant bottles and used it at the beginning but now I cannot stand the smell or taste of it.

I approach like I am about to tackle a big spider - yuck


This is brilliant. :smile:

(Bella) #50

20 packets of konica noodles - they were not cheap and I feel so guilty when I see them

(Sophie) #51

I read somewhere that it can be used in place of gums (xantham & guar) for thickening gravies. Not tried it yet though. I also use it in Panna Cotta which is really lovely.

(Diane) #52

I have seen low carb cookie recipes with this as a additive to give some chewiness to the texture. Haven’t tried that technique myself.


To make a yummy panna cotta with heavy cream and vanilla bean? :yum:

(Barbara M) #54

I am thinking you wanted to make some gummy bears with that gelatin? If you put gummy in the search tool, you will find a bunch of great ideas. :bear::wink:

(Kristin) #55

Cocoa nibs. What are they good for?? I have a huge bag that just sits there.

(Aimee Moisa) #56

M&M on Keto Connect use them occassionally but I cant remember why now. :slight_smile:

(Sophie) #57

Can’t you use them for low carb chocolate chip cookies?


Dumb question, maybe, but have you tried just eating them? Some people enjoy them just like that as a (not sweet) chocolatey-tasting snack, or sprinkled into keto bark or some other LC-desserty kind of dish. They’re meant to be quite good for you. (Perhaps an acquired taste though.)

(mags) #59

I’ve just bought a big bag of psyllium husk to add to all my other keto supplies. Will I use it? I have good intentions… at the moment.

(Katie) #60

I have heard a keto person describe cocoa butter as tasting like frosting. I think that she puts it on a square of dark chocolate sometimes.