Why did I buy this?

(Alec) #1

Has anyone else looked so long for an ingredient that when you finally managed to find it, you’ve forgotten what dish you were going to make with it? :joy::see_no_evil::crazy_face:

I just did that with cocoa butter. Suggested recipes anyone?

(Ron) #2

Half my pantry is full of good intentions. The more keto I get the simpler I seem to make it.:roll_eyes:

(karen) #3

had to be some kind of fat bomb, right?

(Karen) #4

Bacon fudge.


(Alec) #5

Do you have this problem as well? My wife rolls her eyes when I buy something new. They always end up in the pantry for 3 years and then get thrown away.

(Ron) #6

Sadly I do. I haven’t been keto long so have recognized the problem fairly early and am going to work on it. As of late have been leaning more towards the carnivore way and this helps as I just cook the meat and eat (no baking or assembly required).

(karen) #7

I’m the original pantry nazi. What is this DOING in here? It’s got DUST on it! :eyes:

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #8

Even more horrifying, it expired a decade ago!

At least that doesn’t happen with the bacon! :bacon:

(karen) #9

A while back I split a 25 pound bag of beans with a friend, because it was such a good deal and neither of us wanted 25 pounds of beans. (Pre-keto) I’d been slowly using them up, and I finally realized why they took so long to hydrate. We bought them in 2002.

(B) #10

Bacon fudge.


is this a thing? bacon fudge is not something i need to be thinking about while on my first 48hr fast. but do you have a recipe

(Alec) #11

What are you doing trawling the food section on a fast? Masochist? :rofl:

(LeeAnn Brooks) #12

I posted it yesterday. See if it comes up with the search. I’m out of town right now or I’d repost.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #13

I use a tablespoon of it in my BPC when I make it. It’s a rare “treat” for me now, but I do love he creaminess of it with some vanila. Taste a little like a French vanila capaccino.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #14

Found it.

Bacon fudge:

1/2 cup bacon grease melted
1/4 cup cocoa butter
1/4 cup cocoa powder
3 tbs confectioners style erythritol
1 tsp vanila extract
1/8 tsp sea salt

Mix until erythritol is devolved.
Poor into silicone mold and let set in fridge for 1 hour.

Makes 4 3oz servings.
Recipie says to let come back to room temperature to eat, but I found I preferred right out of fridge. Room temp made them too greasy for my tastes.

(B) #15

already on it thankyou ill have to give this a go next time a make bacon and keep the grease

(Sophie) #16

What, wait, you mean you don’t have containers of bacon juice readily available?! How can anyone not keep the grease?That’s sacrilege! :laughing:

(B) #17

thats the hard part of being the only keto person in the house. they see greasy gold in the pantry and freak. i get the whole heart attack speech. ill have to start hiding it. ive tried to keep it in the past and it goes missing somehow.

(Sophie) #18

That’s…just…sad. :slightly_frowning_face:


This is hilarious! I literally have a bag of cocoa butter (in chip form, like chocolate chips) in my pantry and I have no idea why I bought them. I think it was some fat bomb recipe or other.

(Sophie) #20

Cocoa Butter is excellent in lip balm and skin products as well as yummy tasting.