Who wants to start a fast right now? Let's do this

(David Robinson) #34

I’m still going. I can’t say it was hard, but it was weird. I’m so used to getting in from work and chowing down. I felt a bit lost. My wife and daughter are away so I just watched Avengers Infinity War and read a book and that seemed to take my mind of it sufficiently to get through it.

This morning I weighed myself and I’m the lightest (or least heavy) I’m been in 10 years although I suspect some weight will return when I start eating again.

All going in the right direction. I was 97.5kg 2 weeks ago when I started and I was 93.5kg this morning.

(Leigh Thomas) #35

I had to stop fasting after 90 hours, I was feeling a little light headed. I suspect low blood glucose, I don’t have any lancets to test atm.

(KetoQ) #36

I’m @ 49 hours


I’m at 27 hours on my second fast of the week. This feast/fast has really revved up my weight loss. Pretty cool stuff.


Could also be a hydration/supplement issue.

(Martha Mac) #39

I only got to 36 hours then caved. Will try to make it to 48 or 72 next week :slight_smile: I only caved when my husband cooked a rib eye :weary:

I was 91kgs down to 85.6kg but have had a long plateau for 4 weeks I’m putting down to one meal a day. Broke it with the 36 hour fast and I’m feasting today for try to fast through to Tuesday tomorrow. I listened to 2Keto Dudes Megan Ramos “switching it up” again and a lot of it made so much sense for what’s happening me with the 20:4 IF I’ve been doing the past 2 weeks stalling me! My weight loss has been really slow but also steady but my health is amazing 7 weeks in on keto!

(Martha Mac) #40

Also - who does bone broth when fasting past 24 hours? Or anything other than water? What do you “allow” yourself when fasting these longer hauls ? Curious!

(David Robinson) #41

Oh I limped to 48 hours but I must confess, I felt terrible. Aweful headache. The moment it reached 48 hours I ate 4 sausages and 5 eggs and went straight to bed. I do feel a lot better again this morning. I won’t be doing 48 hours any time soon again. Probably have to wait until I’m more adapted.

On the plus side I’ve lost weight for sure and I’m still feeling motivated.

I’ll make sure I check out that podcast too. Thanks!

(Martha Mac) #42

Did you have anything other than water? Supplements? Bone broth? Tea/Coffee?

I get headaches too and wonder if it’s because I’m not having enough water or salt or micronutrients etc. etc.

(David Robinson) #43

Well please don’t take the following as any sort of authority on the matter. I didn’t do broth because as I understand it, bone broth would start up your digestive system again essentially kicking you out of the fasting process that you are trying to stay in. All I consumed was water, black coffee and I took salt, potassium, magnesium and a multivitamin. I might have even overdone it with the minerals but I find it hard to judge how much I’m supposed to take. I’ve also read that most mineral supplements barely scratched the surface of what you need so I’ve taken some extra but that was only on my advice not anyone else’s. Anyway, I definitely started feeling horrendous after the 36 hour mark and only persevered to 48 hours because I told myself that is what I was going to do and I can’t let things slide on this attempt at keto. I’ll only be doing intermittent fasting or 24-hour fasting for the foreseeable future and may reassess in a month or two.

(Leigh Thomas) #44

I have Meadow and Marrow bone broth, Natures Way Super Green, water, black coffee, green tea, ACV with some pink Himalayan salt and cream of tartar for potassium.

(KetoQ) #45

I finished yesterday at 59 hours.

Will start again Wed evening.

(karen) #46

How long do you typically feast between fasts? I came off a 5 day with dinner last night. Hubs leaves again for another week tomorrow morning, and I was thinking of going another five, so that would basically be three decent keto meals somewhat heavy on the protein in between 2 5-day fasts. I want to be sure I’m properly nourishing myself…

(Dave) #47

I was actually going to start a 5 day fast, after dinner tonight myself. Figured go from tonight, to Friday night.

(Martha Mac) #48

Posting here because I’ve searched the forum and finding hard to find the right place to ask this.

I’ve been doing IF for a few weeks 20:4 with my feeding Window closing 6pm but rarely eating after 5pm. Slowly slowly I saw my weight come down by another 2.2 pounds (1 kg) after my initial 5kg loss (11ish pound loss after staring keto on 24 June then plateauing two weeks in). I’ve done two 36 hour fasts over the last two weeks. When doing OMAD I have trouble eating more than 800 - 900 calories in one feed without feeling seriously ill, and on “feast days” I have trouble going over 1500 calories without feeling like I’m going to throw up - I have never been a big eater. I am consistently eating 75 to 80% fat and carbs are rarely over 15gms per day 1 to 5% - I am careful with protein. I ensure I fit in a 20km bike ride once a week (i keep my heart rate in endurance zone or fat burning) and I’m moderately active daily anyway.

I felt great on Saturday after losing another 3.5 pounds after my 36 hour fast this week. BUT to my horror the scale today says I’ve put back on my 1.5 kgs over the weekend plus more (around 5 pounds total!) All the weight I thought my fast finally helped me lose is back plus more! This seemed to happen the moment I went back to my to 16:8 window over weekend and attempting to “feast” (still keto!) by increasing my intake to over 1500 on sat and sun after hearing how important it is to feast when not fasting. I am so So SO deflated. I don’t know what more to do. I don’t want to give up on this but it’s so frustrating. I had lost almost 6kg since starting keto lifestyle back on 24 June with starting weight of 91kg (this is huge for me, my goal weight is 68kg). I have been doing 20:4 IF for the last few weeks trying to break the plateau then did two 36 hours this week and finally lost 1.5kg - but now thats back again plus added extra! I’ve never stuck so firmly to anything in my life before and yet today after this result this morning I’m just so deflated and fed up. It’s really hard to keep going with results like this. Any advice?

I’ve just started another 36 hour fast and I’m 13 hours in. I’m sick of it but feel I have no other options left but to keep going. I guess I’m just looking for some hope to bolster me. So disappointed after working so hard for so long to see scale today at 87.3kg after being down to 85.6 two days ago :frowning:

(Brian) #49

I think you’re putting too much emphasis on your scale. The weight is gonna fluctuate upwards and downwards. It’s like the tide, going in and out.

(Raj Seth) #50

I try to feast at least as long as the fast. I’ve been overall 1/3 fasted, 2/3 feasted. I fit fasting around my schedule - so it is what it is. From all I’ve heard the feasting part is just as important, or maybe even more important than the fasting.


My weight fluctuates up to 14 pounds. Could just be water. Pay attention to your waistline.

(KetoQ) #52

Hi Nene –

I have similar experiences with fasting. I’ve been fasting from Wed evening into Sat am or afternoon. During that time I can drop 4-10 pounds, then gain most of it back. But I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing.

I almost always make some of that loss permanent, even if it is a half a pound. But I always weigh myself several times during a fast, and during that time I’m hitting new lows. Now, I may not stay at those lows, but the fact that my body is hitting those lower weights shows me my body is losing more fat every week.

For example, this past weekend, my Sat morning weigh in was 248.3. That is the first time I have weighed in under 250 for over 10 years.

Now, I weighed in this am at 254. I’m okay with that, because I know I’m losing, and I know that a lot of the differential from Sat to today is water weight. And it can be hard at this time of year to get a good reading on your weight because of the heat and humidity and the fluctuation in water levels in your body. When it cools down in another 6-8 weeks, there will likely be lower humidity and less water weight fluctuation.

So this week when I fast, if I hit under 248 when I finish the fast, and go back up to the low 250’s after I eat, I’ll still be okay with that. I track all of this and see the patterns week in and week out, so I know the overall trend is going down.

It might be happening to you as well, so don’t get discouraged. You just need a little more perspective

Try your 36 hour fast the same day every week so you can get a better sense of how your body reacts and weight fluctuates. Hopefully, you’ll see trends that are more encouraging than discouraging.


(Martha Mac) #53

Thanks for this! Has made a big difference! I’m 24hrs into another 36 hour fast and all the weight I was whining about is gone so I’m saying water weight for sure!