Who eats beef liver now, despite being a 'lil horrified by the idea?


Wow. They have all the offal. I will have to try that ground blend.

For people who really can’t deal, you could use dessicated organs and get your offal that way. Quite a few companies sell grass fed supplements like this. Some are a blend to give more than just liver.

(Nigel Basson) #87

Nothing like Lambs Fry (liver) and onions, yum. Haven’t eaten it in a while but as a kid it would be a meal on a weekly basis. My Dad used to love the kidneys as well especially when attached to a pork chop but I can’t handle them taste too much like urine.

(Karim Wassef) #88

Liver is excellent!! It’s tasty when done right and it basically vegetable phytonutrients without the inflammation. I love all liver from all animals… chicken, lamb, beef…

It’s a little carby and so high in protein but it’s necessary when I’m going carni+

(Mollyann Hesser) #89

Liver is my favorite food.

(Karim Wassef) #90

All liver is awesome… I just started cod liver too! Phytonutrients in an omega 3 base.:.: wow!

(Chicken Liver Nutrition) #91

I really love chicken liver due to its nutritional values

(bulkbiker) #92

“One of the disadvantages of eating chicken liver or any other liver can increase blood cholesterol level in your body”

Oops even Keys admitted that dietary cholesterol doesn’t increase blood cholesterol… the liver adjusts the amount it makes to compensate.

You fell at the first hurdle!

(Kevin) #93

“Every meat has advantages along with chicken, but you also need to know chicken liver disadvantages that can disrupt your regular life.”

Who writes this stuff? :smile: This is really just click-bait, I think.

(Leroy) #94

Give me those disadvantaged livers - I’ll eat them.

(Scott) #95

My wife is not a liver fan and won’t even let me bring it in the house. So I just picked up a bottle of “Beef Organ” pills. Still in a trial phase to see if I can tell any difference.


I love the taste of liver but I’m no carnivore fanboy. I never understood how those who claim the carnivore label… have an aversion to organ meats. :man_shrugging:


Very easily. Not everyone likes organs and there are carnivores eating muscle meat without problems. Carnivores avoid plants, they don’t need to love all carnivore stuff. I am just flirting with carnivore but even if I would commit to that woe, I probably wouldn’t suddenly like beef so I would keep avoiding eating it most of the time (it’s nice now and then but I get bored in no time).
I personally like liver (never could try beef liver, sadly. maybe I can get emu liver this year but beef?) but I am Hungarian so it isn’t even exotic, liver is a very common food. It matters a bit where in the world people live too… But of course, many Hungarians dislike organs just like I would never touch chicken foot and it’s adored by many Hungarians… We have our own taste and parts of it will never change. I never will like fat tissue without meat either… And I only like liver and tolerate heart but I don’t touch the other organs if possible. Lung is awful. My woe matters nothing. I loved pork as a vegetarian. It’s taste.

(Not a cow) #98

Love liver and onions, but now just doing liver and bacon with eggs. Usually twice a month for a change of flavour. It’s an acquired taste. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Bacon enough and time) #99

My problem with liver turned out to be that my mother and grandmother always over-cooked it. It tasted and had the texture of sandpaper.

Then I was taken by my ex-lover, years ago, to the home of some friends of his that he wanted me to impress. They served liver. I made up my mind to choke down my serving, for the sake of love, and much to my surprise, found it delicious! When the cook came out to receive our thanks, I asked her for her secret. Her reply? “Don’t over-cook it. No more than 90 seconds per side.” I regularly bless her memory for making a formerly grotesquely unpleasant food a delight.


I never understood how people do that. I fried my last bunch of (whole chicken) liver for an hour as it seemingly wasn’t ready before. It was great as usual. But I do like well fried things :wink:

Preparation matters a lot, I think most of us have some memorable stories about this! But liver has a very unique taste so I understand it’s not to everyone’s liking.

(bulkbiker) #101

An hour!
I do mine for a couple of minutes a side in butter max… nice and pink in the middle,


Mine is nice and brown in the middle, nice and dark brown in the outside (okay, an hour was too little so it wasn’t that dark… maybe it’s no problem but I like when it gets color).
Once I tried the liver after only 5-10 minutes (a smaller amount, that was ready in 20-30 minutes?) and it was inedibly raw for me…

Here. This is more informative. Time says little. I can use a lower heat, a lid (it’s more like cooking then and I never get the dry, fried look)… But next time I put it into the oven to avoid exploding it on my big window, again (as I finally realized I need to get off the lid, I probably needed the long time due to keeping the lid on for too long)… I only bought liver 3 times this far so I didn’t figured out thing yet but we enjoyed the liver every time.

(Doug) #103

Here too - the slices I get are not very thick, and it doesn’t take long at all to cook each side.

It’s damn good with butter and salt. Often slice up some hot peppers and fry them in the same pan.

(Edith) #104

Yup. That’s exactly what happened at our house. I used to joke that my napkin LOVED liver when I was a kid.

I’ve been eating about an ounce of raw liver every other day and I actually find it palatable.

(Bacon enough and time) #105

It’s purely psychological, but I doubt I could eat liver raw. Not knowingly, anyway! :grin: