Who eats beef liver now, despite being a 'lil horrified by the idea?


I love liver. So glad I wasn’t taught to be squeamish about it! It is so nutritious, cheap and delicious that teaching kids to squeal and run from it is tantamount to child abuse! :wink:

It is a superfood.

Just made a beef liver pate (with marrow fat), which I have eaten every day, because I love it. With eggs. Stirred into beef broth. On crispy bacon rashers (as pate dippers).

Often make chicken liver pate too.

I also throw chicken livers into soups, bolognese sauce, and some chilli I made a while back.

Oh, and sometimes I pan fry chicken liver with butter and garlic, then add either red wine and onion, or rosemary and cream. Takes 5 mins from start to finish, and absolutely delicious.

I have a great offal soup recipe with lung, spleen, heart, liver and kidney. Kinf of a liquid steak and kidney pie. :joy:

Anyone know a liverwurst recipe? I would love to try it.


Gosh! I have just looked up liverwurst recipes.
So easy. :yum:
Pork liver, shoulder and fat, a few herbs and seasonings, pureed together, put in a casing and boiled.

I think I might get a really big pork shoulder, make crackling with the skin, put the meat in the liverwurst, and then spread it on the crackling… delicious!


Don’t the French love it, yet they had the lowest heart failure rate in Europe if not the world … until they discovered junk food that is, welcome to America.

My parents have eaten kidney, livers, tongues and whatever else, in the right stew or slow cooker people could eat it say hmmm, this is yum … what is it … and that’s when the trouble starts. The thought of it is the problem for us.

My tip for overcoming “the issue” is find a good recipe, the entire package and don’t focus “on the liver” aspect … you know what I mean …

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My mother used to make liver once a month when I was growing up. She usually just fried it up in a pan or made liver loaf with it. Needless to say, I HATED it. My napkin loved it, though.

I’ve been thinking that I should add liver to my diet for all the nutrients, so last week I made some chicken liver pate. I figured chicken liver would have a milder taste than beef or pork livers.

Well, I have to say that it tastes pretty good. I spread it on some keto bread and fillled some celery stalks with it. I will definitely make it again.

Maria Emmerich has a recipe for Braunschweiger. I may try that next. Who woulda thought?

(She had one feck to give and that feck is gone.) #70

My DH is French and ate up the liver and onions gently cooked in butter I made with, I can honestly say, glee! He also polished off the mound of ground beef and liver meatballs I made, but said he couldn’t taste the liver. He grew up eating all kinds of innards :joy:.


Growing up, my father occasionally cooked liver and onions for us for breakfast. I know, liver for breakfast sounds weird, but I think it help me to acquire a taste for it. I have eaten it quite often as an adult and even more so now on Keto.

It had the opposite affect on my younger sister. She detested it (and still does today as an adult), but avoided confronting my dad about it so would always say something like, “I don’t have time to eat my breakfast. I’ll eat it on the way to school”, then she would wrap the liver in a napkin and run out the door to catch the school bus. One day, as I watched her running to the bus, I noticed that our dog, Jack, was chasing her and would periodically stop to eat the tasty treat that my sister had dropped as she ran. That also helped me to understand why Jack would always sit right next to my sister during meal times even though my sister did not like the dog.

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eat, eat and eat )))))

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This thread still grosses me out. Organ meats - shudder


I tried chicken hearts the other day and they were pretty decent. I still can’t eat liver not sure if I will give it another try as my tastbuds wonder why I hate them.

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A lot of people ‘hide’ beef liver by mixing it with ground beef. My trick is to mix it with something completely different–I cook it with chicken breast! The dryer, blander chicken breast counterbalances the intense flavor of the liver. I actually enjoy liver though. You can also try a tasty condiment, like mustard, mayo, salsa…

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Yet here you are…


I prefer the taste of chicken liver to beef liver, but honestly frying them up in some butter or bacon fat is all that’s needed to make them palatable.


I haven’t done it in a while, but I used to soak the liver in lemon juice for a few hours, then pan fry in butter or other fat, and don’t overcook.


I believe everyone who eats at McDonalds is having 100% beef aren’t they?

My brother had a friend at their meat factory - yep it is 100% beef minus the hooves and some ods and ends. Livers, kidneys … all go into the mix.


I’m having veal liver this week. I have a butcher who gets meat direct from organic farmers and I eat whatever liver he has once a week, for iron. I prefer this to taking an iron supplement.
I use raspberry vinegar to deglaze when I cook it.
I challenge anyone (who can cook!) to dislike liver, properly cooked in butter, with raspberry vinegar deglaze.
Can’t be done!

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Shellfish like clams and oysters have significant levels of carbs as does butternut squash. These foods aren’t very keto friendly at all.


I am so utterly freaked out by organ meat :disappointed_relieved: I want to eat it but I am scared of making it and wasting it because I’m afraid it will turn my stomach. I made chicken hearts and gizzards once. I actually liked the gizzards very tender in the crock pot. The hearts weren’t as good. But then I haven’t ever bought them again.


Chris Kresser says he puts about 3 ounces of ground liver in a pound of ground beef and seasons as desired. He says it works well disguising it in this way. ymmv

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I fry some up on the weekends usually.

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I’ve been ordering a 70/30 beef/organ meat blend from texasgrassfedbeef.com. They also do pork and bison versions. They call these blends “primal”. The meat has a slightly gamier flavor, but the texture is exactly like 100% beef. I just season it a bit more and I can’t tell.