Who eats beef liver now, despite being a 'lil horrified by the idea?

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I’ve heard such good things about it. My husband grew up eating organ meats and is enthusiastic. I got a pound of it from the farmer’s market. I think real food is the answer and get a little creeped out by supplements (though I’ve taken them). I have the worst heebee jeebies thinking about thawing that thing out and impending smell (?) on cooking it. :scream:

I don’t even know that I won’t like it. It’s psychological. My mom did make liver until the Dr told her not to (years ago) and it was gross! What kind of liver was it even :woman_shrugging:. Maybe it was how she cooked it. I don’t know.

Any other [spoiler]pussies[/spoiler] out there who overcame it?

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Not me. HTH


I grew up having to eat tripe periodically. My dad liked it. To this day I can’t bring myself to try it again. Chicken liver doesn’t seem to be quite so hard to deal with. I’ve found that I like calf liver cooked in beef tallow or ghee.
As for a doctor telling your mom not to cook liver… what was that all about? It’s one of the most nutritious foods you can eat!
Of course, one thing you can do is to chop it or grind it and mix it in with other things, maybe ground beef, to mask the taste.

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I remember back in the 80s that liver “was the worst food you could eat because of the cholesterol”. Maybe you can ease yourself into the flavor by starting with braunschweiger or liverwurst. It does look a lot better cooked than it does raw. I recall one of the podcast episodes where a lady mixes it into meatballs.


Yep, liverwurst is a great idea. Just watch the ingredients as some of it is loaded with crap. I found a really good one at Whole Foods and pick some up there when I can.
I wasn’t thinking about the cholesterol aspect and the fact that so many doctors still refuse to accept they were wrong about it.

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Wait, whut? Cats LOVE beef liver! :wink:

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My husband and his friend each ordered a tripe dish at a restaurant once…the visual…the smell…:nauseated_face:. I feel faint just thinking about it. Mehhhherggg

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:joy: Good one! I have three and they might be about to have a great day!

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Heh, I remember in the 70’s my Mom cooked it all the time, as she was “reliably counseled” that it was healthy. Funny how fickle dieticians are. Anyhow, I recall hating it, but there’s foods I dearly love now that I hated as a kid.

I’d like to give liver and other offals another shot.

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Yes. I believe that was the reasoning, but as a liver hating child all I really thought about it was - YAY!

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I grew up loving chicken gizzards. (Still do if I can figure a good way to make them without flour breading.) I used to HATE when a chicken liver would be hidden in there and I didnt notice it.

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My older brother used to shut off the electricity, hold a candle under his chin and throw them at me when my mom had left out a chicken to thaw. :joy::jack_o_lantern:

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Oh no, thats just offal!

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:joy: That’s punny!

You must be stopped! :no_good_woman:‍♀

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liver is a common dish in many countries.

I eat it raw.

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I do. I chop it up and mix it in with chunks of beef, often beef heart too, and make casserole type things to be divided into portions and frozen. Tbh I hardly notice it’s even there and if I’d not made it myself I may not even know.

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Who didn’t see this coming? :wink:

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I tried various recipes, the best of which was blending it 50/50 wth spicy Italian sausage and cooking it as meatballs. But that was just too messy/gross to make. I now take a pill with dessicated liver and other organ meats.


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Does that make you burp at all?