Who eats beef liver now, despite being a 'lil horrified by the idea?

(Edith) #106

The first time was on a dare. :laughing:

(bulkbiker) #107

Its actually a lot less strong than it is cooked… although I still usually cook mine.

(Scott) #108

The only cooking I do after breakfast is on the grill. I would be up for trying liver but it is my wife the doesn’t want to see or smell it. If that is the deal with that I don’t think my path to brains, kidneys etc. is very short. I like fatty rare steaks but many do not. Organ meat is just a barrier I haven’t crossed… yet.

(M) #109

This is old but veggies will not do if your genetics are such that you don’t convert vitamin a in veggies to retinol.

I also tried seafood to get all my nutrients but sadly the heavy metals did build up.

So here I am eating bison organ meats. It’s not so bad as long as they’re eaten with fat. I find the fat of the animal they came from helps it digest and go down better. They are so nutrient rich. There’s a reason animals go for the organs and fat first. I was reading about Indian tribes that ate buffalo and it said they prized the organ meats and often gave them to pregnant women.


My husband and I eat calves liver and enjoy it, especially sautéed in butter with onions and apples. The apples make a difference, although it might be too many carbs for some. Even a half an apple in a large pan of onions changes the flavor.

Beef liver is sometimes from older animals, and calf liver is from younger animals. I believe the taste is milder and better when the animal is younger.

(KCKO, KCFO) #111

Welcome to the forums Meghan_P.

I agree calf liver is tastier than liver from the older animals.