What's your favorite kitchen tool?

(Rob) #106

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the little gadget in your picture and I’m 99% sure it’s about to become my favorite kitchen gadget that I don’t own yet. The picture you attached somewhat speaks to a question I have that I haven’t found a solid answer to (May have been answered and I missed it). Anyway, my question is: Assuming your pot or container is large enough, can you cook … say multiple steaks or pork chops at the same time. The pictures I’ve seem, demos I’ve watched, write ups I’ve read talk about … for example cooking the perfect steak (singular). Would this do well in your experience/opinion if . .say … I wanted to cook 3 steaks … or 4 thick pork chops … at the same time? It appears the water circulates and I didn’t know if at some point, the items clipped to the pot block the water circulation to the point it becomes inefficient?

lastly, if you had it to do over again, for the same money would you go with the same brand and model?


(Sophie) #107

Yes, yes and yes!

Here is my very first SV cook…

4 hamburgers - 2 meals. You can package your food however you wish. Sometimes if I have multiple bags or concerns that there isn’t enough spacing, I’ll throw some rings from my mason jars on the bottom of the pot to raise the bags up off the bottom. Most stuff stays upright anyway. The problem then becomes how to keep things from floating once they begin cooking and the juices begin to cook out of the meat. This is why things are clipped to the sides and weights are used to keep the food submerged.

The little roasts in my first picture, I double bagged because it was for a 24h cook. In the second bag I vac sealed some heavy spoons to act as ballast. Worked great too.

You should head over to the SV New User thread. Lots of helpful info from the wise souls here.

(Rob) #108

Thanks for the response and great information. Double thanks for the reference to the sous vide threads. I see them there big as all outdoors! I did a forum search and read some individual postings but never thought to check to see if there were threads dedicated to sous vide (After all these years I still amaze myself at how dense I can be sometimes :slight_smile: ).

This looks like a game changer.

(Bacon for the Win) #109

the husband is my favorite kitchen item. (I stop short of calling him a tool) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Cooks just about anything I want, when I want it. Has mastered sous vide, grilling, eggs a million different ways including poached, makes amazing buttery sauces, and even cleans up most of the time. His fathead pizza is damn good too.

(Sophie) #110

I need one of those!!! Haha! :smile:

(Teresa (turtle)) #111

Happy forum Anniversary! :tada::sparkles::gift::balloon:

(jjc155) #112

Behind my cast iron skillets would be my Instapot.


(Vanessa) #113

I love mine too! I make a couple of batches and put it in a jar in the fridge and use it during the week.

(Vanessa) #114

I gave mine to the Salvation Army!

(Lisa F) #115

I can’t choose just one…
Cast iron frying pan
One lonely Le Creuset Dutch Oven (crying out for friends)
Immersion blender (for mayo, salad dressing, hollandaise)
Wustof knives
Anova Sous vide circulator
Nutribullet (for coffee blending)


I have found this fry chef basket. does anyone use it?

(Cheyene Burnette) #117

I have a Ninja blender that also came with a food processor, but, I’ve recently fallen in love with my Bella hand held immersion blender.

(Sophie) #118

I have a set of steak knives that I Absolutely Adore!!!


Hey, my mom also had a meat grinder. She would grind up the beef roast she burned and mix salad dressing , onions, and sweet pickles to knock down the charred bits. She always burned the roast.


My favorite kitchen tool is my pasta spoon–that thing with claws around the perimeter. I don’t use it for pasta anymore. I use it for a back scratcher. It is awesome and has a long nice handle

(Running from stupidity) #121

Picking one is kinda impossible. However… my Shun Chef’s knife. You can do ANYTHING[1] with it, and it’s awesome to use.

[1] I have been explaining to my wife, repeatedly, that just because you can, and it can, it’s not always the best tool for the job. Such as, say, picking something at random … chopping pumpkins … One of our good knives can do that, not this beauty.

(Daisy) #122

Oh my, too many to narrow down.
My food processor for nut butters
My egg cooker
My springform pans for cheesecake
My kitchen aid
My pressure cooker
My handheld mixer for all the small jobs
My measuring cups, spoons, whisks, etc

What do you all use your cast iron skillets for usually. I have one, but never think to use it. I need some motivation. I’ve also never used my kitchen aid attachments for my spiraler and meat grinder. Want to try them, but have never had a use yet. Maybe some day I’ll make zoodles!

(Morgan Rich) #123

My Vitamix and my silicone coated 1/4 sheet baking pan with rack (for bacon!)

('Jackie P') #125

Oh do tell @KidorioL, what is it?

(Diane) #126

Yep. Now I’m curious too.