What's your favorite kitchen tool?

(Marianne) #127

Yes; our meat thermometer.

(Marianne) #128

Oh, I love cows - and the smell of manure.

(Marianne) #129

My parents had one of those growing up. My dad would haul it out every Thanksgiving to make the stuffing (he was in charge of the stuffing). He’d hook it onto the kitchen table and I used to love to watch him put all the stuff in it - gizzards, celery, onion, sausage.

('Jackie P') #131

You bought all of them?

(Marie) #132

I bought some heavy duty industrial magnets from Amazon and I use them to secure the bags below the water line. Really work well.

(Marie) #133

I have one and use it weekly. Love it.

(Helen) #134

I like my coffee machine and blender. These are two indispensable things in my kitchen.

(Laurie) #135

Microwave and paper plates.

(Susan) #136

My mini hand held blender to blend in my Keto coffee creamer is now my favourite Keto kitchen tool!

I also love our coffee maker, kettle (as I drink more herbal and green tea than I do coffee).

I really like my little Dash makers for making Keto Chaffles, but I don’t make them often.

Pre-Keto it was probably my Toaster as I ate tons and tons of Bagels haha.

(Marianne) #137

My birthday is coming up. The only thing I can think of that I would like is an immersion blender.

My favorite kitchen tool is my cast iron skillet. Use it every single day and it is now non-stick from being seasoned so long.


silicone kitchen utensils

(Bob M) #139

One tool I use a lot more than I thought I would is…an infrared thermometer. This is the one I bought:

I use it to test how hot a pan is for searing (600F = good), how hot oil is for frying, the temperature of my pickles for fermenting, etc.