What's your favorite kitchen tool?

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Hi Gabe, the grinder is a Mazzer Super Jolly modified with a chute dispenser. The espresso machine is an Izzo Vivi, there are plenty of domestic E61 grouphead machines that will do a great job. This combo will beat any chain coffee shop hands down. You need to seek out speciality/specialty stores to get any better.

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Of course you need quality beans, freshly roasted (preferably roasted and delivered to you within 48 hours) to get the best from it. Any supermarket bought beans will be stale before they hit the shelf. You could always roast your own.

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I like you!

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Yep I’m good with the beans – I have one of the best coffee stores in America downstairs from me, and a couple of others within walking distance. I’m lucky! Re your setup – looks like I’ll have to save up for that :wink: Thought it was a bit cheaper than that.

Right now my rig is an Atomic coffee machine, and I’ve got my eye on the Breville Smart Blender. Both are at a substantially lower price point than yours, and the Atomic’s disadvantage is that it doesn’t really make true espresso. As my next step up I’m thinking of the $1200 Breville, but frankly your unit looks way more serious and for not much more than the Breville!

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I’ve kitted out my kitchen reasonably well and pretty cheaply recently using many of Tim Ferris’s suggestions from The Four Hour Chef - highly recommended, and probably the single most important item I’d recommend for your kitchen because it unlocks all the others and is keto-friendly. BUY IT!

However, I also love my:

  • Takayuki Damascus VG-10 chef’s knife ($120, a delight to cook with)
  • $11 chef dicer
  • Epicurean wooden cutting board (these are awesome, run about $25)
  • Atomic coffee maker
  • Magnetic knife strip - essential, cheap, and professional looking!
  • Nutribullet - a keto near-essential
  • Sodastream - absolutely essential for me

Here’s a picture of my Atomic. I love items that are basically functional art: this baby is in the Museum of Modern Art in NY because its design is so gorgeous:


(Ken) #67

My Jet Stream Oven. I use it constantly, having to replace it every two or three years.

My current one came from Sharper Image, I always keep an eye out for them at garage sales, etc. It appears they’re popular gifts that get little or no use.

They roast meat and poultry perfectly, and if put under the fan they don’t heat up the house, let alone dirtying up the regular oven.

The seasoned fat collects in the bottom, so is recovered easily.

(Darlene Horsley) #68

My smart phone for all these KETO recipes!

(Carol E. ) #69

I love hard boiled eggs when they are warm and I am glad I made the purchase that makes steaming 2 or 3 eggs for one easy. :sunglasses:


rsz_product-image-355323291_large (1)
I have ordered it from here: https://my-kitchengadgets.com

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@skyraft. Which induction burner do you have? I’ve been looking for awhile. Haven’t been able to find one that looks better than the others.


With induction there are a few features i look for…

  • Large coil for more even cooking
  • It has my preferred unit of temperature, I use farenheit
  • Many incremental temp settings (the more you have the more you can dial in the right temp)
  • No beeping when vessel is taken off cooktop + it doesn’t automatically shut off quickly
  • Able to stay on for a mong amount of time

I’ve had a few from $40- $350 and the one i use daily is $100


The energy produced by the Duxtop Cooktop is supplied directly to the cooking vessel by a magnetic field. The cooktop automatically adjusts the magnetic field generated to the size of the cookware bas …

It’s quiet when running and the beeps aren’t annoying either

You can set cook times for up to 10 hours

And it has boil and keep warm buttons which are bonuses

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Thanks @skyraft! I’m excited to try this out.


Sharp knife that fits my hand.

(Sophie) #80

Love :heart_eyes:
My dad used to say that the most dangerous thing in a kitchen is a dull knife! (He was Staff Sargent of his units kitchen in Korea)


A dull knife requires too much force and that is how accidents happen.

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Hence the most dangerous tool in the kitchen! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Arlene) #83

I get the fact that dull knives require more effort, supposedly increasing the chances for harming oneself, but I’ve got to say the most cuts I have had come from newly sharpened knives.

(Sophie) #84

Here’s another fav tool that I love. Several years ago my hubby won a vintage Hobart Grinder Attachment for me off Ebay. Got my grind on today! :smile:

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My phone is maybe numero uno.
But I’m very fond of my chef’s knife, my joule, my breville fast-slow (instant pot), and my grill.
Oh, and my stick blender and my CI.

I think I would add an induction burner, mostly for use with the CI. Apparently the pair is the killer app.