What to do about your own or other's (negative) feelings to what you eat

(carol mclintock) #22

Best reviews ever, Paul! And an added plus would be the exercise they get running back and forth when they take effect :running_woman:

(Libby) #23

Viva La Fringe Nuts!:crazy_face:


It can be hard to deal with in the workplace. But, all of my co-workers can see I’ve lost some serious weight - and when they inquire, I’m honest. I just don’t say anything unless they ask. A few have remarked that they could never do this- they love bread or sweets or potatoes too much, etc. I just shrug, and tell them it’s all up to you. They wonder if I miss any of the things I had to give up to go keto. And I tell them honestly, that once in a while I do. BUT, I feel so much better than I’ve felt in decades, and I’ve got so much more energy - I don’t want to ruin it by eating poorly. I’m addicted to feeling great!
For the ones who don’t want to engage, but make weird faces or comments when I’m eating my chunks of meat and butter…I just tell them, “you do you, and I’ll do me. Enjoy your lunch.”

(Edith) #25

Gluten free used to be considered a “fringe” way of eating 20 years ago, but it has definitely become accepted over that time.

It will take time, but the more info, and anecdotes, and research that accumulates, keto will become more mainstream, as well. I can’t believe how much it’s grown in the two years I’ve been eating this way.

(Susan) #26

This is great, Carol =). Did either(of both) of them try Keto after the discussion?

(K-9 Handler/Trainer, PSD/EP Specialist, Veteran) #27

I normally just go about my business… but if someone actually notices and starts to question, lecture, etc… I remain humble… smile, and stay silent until they become disrespectful or passive/aggressive.
So far, a several people have noticed, and looked at me and then did that recognizable silent assessment of themselves. Shortly after that, a few were open and willing to hear, whilst the majority went on that typical defensive tangent and started the lecturing crap and that other beta stuff while sucking down a 64oz frozen sugar bomb, and stuffing themselves with their “healthy-er” foodstuffs.
About 2 minutes into it is usually enough for me. That’s when I usually tell them to shut the hell up and get their unhealthy chairweights away from me. Ya just can’t take the sergeant out of a man who spent 20+ in the service. Low tolerance threshold for those whose ears don’t work well but mouth constantly in overdrive.

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I think you and I have the same… “bug”…

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Whenever someone notices me having a snack that has “dangerous nitrites/nitrates” in them… I smile a bit.
I laughed when one of my acquaintances started ranting about it… while eating celery. Celery has loads more of it than smoked meats do… hah

('Jackie P') #30

@PaulL How jolly nawty you are!
For another good giggle, nothing to do with Keto, look at the Amazon reviews for Veet for men!

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Hehehe I love this, too funny.

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My youngest sister tried it for 2 weeks Susan. Lost 11 lbs and her husband who was recently diagnosed with t2d also tried it and felt better…however, when I asked her how she was getting on she told me that she hadnt lost any weight the 3rd week so she gave up. That was 3 weeks ago and she was one the phone to me yesterday moaning thay she was now 13lbs heavier :roll_eyes:.
My middle sister is incorporating it week by week-she looks on it as an elimination diet and is down to not eating sweets and added sugar products, no bread and pasta. I think she will get into it fully when she returns from holiday next week.

(Susan) #33

Well hopefully the middle sister will keep with it and perhaps the other one can get back to it, with her hubby too!

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But those are “healthy” nitrates! Cured meats give you colon cancer. :wink:

The funniest thing about this is how important nitrate is for your cardiovascular health and many other bodily functions. It’s so necessary that it’s produced in your salivary glands from recycled excess nitrogen in foods we eat at higher amounts than even celery has. We are freakin’ nitrate factories! It’s a pre digesive secretion to help us be protected from things like E. coil in our food. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Chocolate Ex-Lax anyone? :joy::joy::rofl::grin:

Math conversion problem or reversal of numbers maybe? :cowboy_hat_face:

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The top review gave :star::star::star::star::star: and got over 15,000 helpful votes, but it sounded like misery. I’m completely confused as to why he rated it 5 stars. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at someone else’s misfortune. One of the funniest things I’ve ever read! I had to pause after every sentence to regain my ability to read on.


(Brandy) #37

I have an eat and let eat philosophy. You wanna be plant based? Have at it! You wanna eat low fat, high carbs? May your metabolism be with you! My expectation is that others will follow my lead when they start feeling like it might be ok to criticize my way of eating. It wasn’t always that way, but now if somebody thinks they’ve got a better way for me to eat, despite the drastic improvements they’ve observed in my health, I just say it out loud.

“Hey listen- you put any damn thing in your mouth that you want to. And I’m going to do the same damn thing.”

Shuts them right up. Every time.

With that said, I am still learning not to over share. I’m pretty excitable when I feel passionately about something and I have to admit, I’ve seen a lot of eyes glaze over in the past 18 months. I don’t tell people what they should eat, but it’s hard for me to not be so demonstrative about my choice.

And with that said, if I care about you and you’re fat and you’re sick and you’re coming at me to complain about your plight- me- the one who you know has espoused this way of life, I’ll assume you’re actively seeking someone to tell you how it is and how it can be. With that philosophy, I’ve successfully gotten three family members and three friends introduced to a Ketogenic diet, with at least two more who are watching me curiously. Only one family member and two friends have stuck to it, but that’s ok. I don’t need to move big chunks of earth. I’m happy with little pebbles.

(Brandy) #38

This! I spend a lot of time pondering this particular issue. The powers that be have a lot to protect, like an entire world economy built on totalitarian agriculture and pharmaceuticals. If they can fit diet into opposing dogmas and moralize it, we wind up too busy fighting with each other to come to the obvious conclusion that restorative, whole system, localized farming is the answer to both our nutrition and our environmental collapse. Every issue we face in which half swaths of the population are morally opposed to the other is an example of this garbage.

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #39

My negative thoughts are more along the lines of “why isn’t this giving me better results?!”. I think I just have to eliminate/reduce dairy in an attempted to keep my BG steady. It’s not bad, but it could be lower, especially in the morning.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #40

I work with a person that had some cancer cells taken out of one leg and then had radiation. This was I think 2 years ago. The wound from the surgery had been healing very slowly.

In May she just asked me what I was doing to lose weight and control my prediabetes. She said her fasting BG was high and the doctor wanted to put her on meds. I just said keto. She seemed to know what keto was. This past week I mentioned something about pork rinds and she said they were her favorite snack.

So we started talking and she said:

  • BG is dramatically coming down
  • She has lost 25 lbs already
  • Radiation wound promptly healed and the leg wound doctor said she no longer needed her care.

She is solid keto now. She did her own research and figured it out. No questions asked.

I went home with a big smile the day she told me all of this. Slowly, one person at a time.

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #41

“Slowly, one person at a time.”

I’b be smiling too!