What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

(Kellie) #166

Newbie here on day 4. I’ve read all your advice and loving this new lifestyle!! My energy is a little low but I’m giving that some time.

(Jane) #167

It will get better - I promise!!!

(Reggie) #168

Great read- Thank you - Still trying to figure this all out. Been on this lifestyle change for a couple of weeks- All great- No keto flu, loved eating bacon, tracking my meals, then… just today- a slight headache- feeling tired- foggy thinking (more than usual anyway)-

Good to know this is all of the process- Will continue to grind for this coming week (sounds like it will be a rough few days). Waiting for it to be all downhill,

Started intermittent fasting too- Is this to soon to add this component?

Thank you- Just signed up for this forum- So excited to learn more-


(Bob M) #169

You might need some added salt. You can try intermittent fasting, see what happens.

(Reggie) #170

Tried salt- worked wonders-

(Mitzi lejeune) #171

Thank you for this post. I completely relate to this, like the comparisons to alcohol & drugs. So accurate. Im just beginning & this post is so honest. Thanks again

(Shannon Fonda) #172

I started MCT oil. Adding it to my coffee in the morning. 5 days later, huge huge difference on energy & alertness.

(Bob M) #173

Interesting. I can’t hack the MCT oil, as it and my digestive system don’t get along. Powdered MCT oil I could use, but I couldn’t see a benefit, so I stopped using it.

I like a lot of the original post, but I’ve never tracked food intake ever, and refuse to do so. (Well, I did track it when I was testing to see whether high protein meals caused a blood sugar rise with a CGM, but that was it.) If you’re eating meat and vegetables, with some dairy thrown in sometimes, it’s not really necessary to track anything.

(Janelle) #174

I’m only going to disagree a little but my weight loss is so slow that even a little more than my 20 whole carbs slows everything down further. If I don’t want to duplicate every single meal, I track to keep myself honest. My husband loses weight consistently with your method. He can fudge on the carbs and still lose.

(Steph ) #175

I’m a newbie and loved reading your story. Inspirational

(Tina Moore) #176

I just joined this forum! I am in 1 month and a half, and have lost 15 pounds. I have been obsessed with keto junk… artificial sweeteners, stevia chocolate etc. I have hit a plateau. I am thinking the artificial sugars might be to blame. Erythitol and stevia. I use stevia liquid daily, all day, in my coffee and iced tea throughout each and every day. I’m thinking about cutting back. Could this be holding up my weight loss?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #177

Possibly. Try cutting out the sweeteners and see what happens.

(Tina Moore) #178

It will be hard but im pretty sure that’s what is holding me back. Thanks!

(Janelle) #179

I know you’re not going to believe me but 15 lbs in 6 weeks is awesome. I’m 50 and according to my own experience and others here, it does get harder to lose weight at this age. You can try changing it up, eliminating things, etc., but ultimately it just takes time and persistence. By the way, if you find the magic bullet, will you let me know? :wink:

(Running from stupidity) #180

And very unlikely to continue at anything like that rate.

You can try changing it up, eliminating things, etc., but ultimately it just takes time and persistence.


(Sally James) #181

Very helpful, thanks for sharing. I am only on day 14 of my keto lifestyle so this was great to read

(Tony ) #182

Humm, is your athletic friend a vegan-vegetarian, with a political statement to be made…? Yes there are high fats in some nuts but theres plenty of great fats in meats, cheeses and cream for starters. Im a much older guy, approaching 69, my father died of heart disease at 49, I was 15. Fats have scared me all my life believing they killed him. After getting to 308lbs on a carb loaded low fat diet, im now 240 and still dropping after starting Keto, my blood work has substantially improved ( im not even eligible for statins, even if i wanted them - which I Dont ). So I have taken a great leap of faith, based on modern scientific models - and eat heaps of fats - saturated or otherwise. I feel, and am told, Im looking great !!

(Natalie) #183

I agree with you completely but disagree at the stalling part,because it could just be that the person experiencing the stall is just consuming3 sticks of butter a day for example. Of course with that much fat consumed a day might put you in a stall, because your body is literally just running off exogenous ketones rather from your own body fat. I think in most cases you are correct(I doubt every ketoer is consuming that much butter lol)but it could also be as stated above consuming so much fat to the point where the body is just running on dietary fat primary.(it takes a long time to be done running on your dietary fat it’s why fasting works for lots of people it gives your body a chance to use body fat as fuel) Once someone checked that one off then yes I agree, loseong weight is also about getting your body healthy.

(Tania M) #184

Thank you. I slipped at Christmas and can’t get back into it. Up almost 15lbs.

(Peggy Saar) #185

Thank you for such a great post. I’m feeling much encouraged after reading it. :slight_smile: