What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain


I appreciate some of your helpful tips.

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Love #6 :heart_eyes:

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I believe the implication is that you have to measure, at least until the amounts are “second nature” (to use the wording in the original post). I don’t always measure, because I’ve been studying food and reading labels all my life; I’m at the point where knowing what I’m eating is almost second nature. But I still read labels, I look up nutrition info on the Internet every day, and I use a scale and measuring utensils often. One beef patty, or one cucumber, can be twice as big as another, and eyeballing can become a slippery slope.

Lots of people here limit their vegetable intake, and some don’t eat any. The original poster mentioned “above-ground leafy green vegetables,” but even these have some carbs, which can add up. So “a lot of vegetables” isn’t a reliable rule.

Fatty meats, yes.

Hope that helps.

@stupidrobots, great post!


And, some people don’t count above-ground veg carbs, as veg fiber basically scrubs the system and/or feeds good bacteria, I stopped counting such carbs, and have continued to recompose slowly but surely. I consider such non-refined carbs medicinal more than anything else.

However, starchy veg carbs (like corn and modern white potatoes), and most below-ground veg, have lots more sugars and are a different matter… a bowl of buttered carrots is a much higher carb delivery than a bowl of broccoli, though if you’re on an OMAD day, the carb math is still fine!

I’ve been LCHF/keto for just over a year - and lately have been pondering the Low Glycemic Index vs. High Glycemic Index foods. Low GI has been shown to support health and recomposition in ways similar to LCHF - the low sugar thing is more flexible for the non-IR folks though.


And I’m curious if eating to the insulligenic index would be even more beneficial. In that case you could eat much of the above ground vegitables and all-bran, where some proteins (egg whites) you would want to be more careful about. I’m not IR so I’m just pondering things. I’m not a huge veggie person - right now my body seems to want very calorie + nutrient dense food. Mostly prime rib lol.


Yep, I’m curious too. I think the equivalent insulin mgmt benefits for certain folks was mentioned by Phinney & Volek in The Art & Science Of Low Carbohydrate Living. And then there’s the magic of Intermittent Fasting as well. Fascinating how the body has inherent health recovery intelligence given the right support to balance the hormones.

Seems like there are several efficacious and sustainable tools for metabolic healing! And, various ways to combine them in a well formulated way. I think combinations of tasty, fat-adapted techniques can greatly speed the healing & recomposition process - and would love to see a graph on it all lol.


Thank you! I needed this today. Allowed myself a treat yesterday as it was a special occasion and have been kicking myself since 9am for the slice of cake & eclair I had.


Great reminders! Hubby and I have made it a year on Keto - at goal but will keep on Keto as normal. We tried to have Keto friendly desserts for too many days…not worth it! Back to normal Keto, treat once in a while. Thanks again.

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could not have said it better, this is what i tell my newbies, but you have summed it up so well, thanks…BTW i have lost just over 163lbs, and am now stable at 170 , back in the gym to build back up, as i did not hard core work out while on my full weight loss mode…just over 2 years, and no skin issues…thanks again for the post…keep calm and keto on…

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Thanks for the info. Great read and very helpful.

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Why do ppl think that cakes and cookies regardless of its ingredients are healthy. Sugar is bad ppl. Trying to cut it out of the items that you eat everyday is hard enough.

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As a newbie I found yr info very helpful. In keto only 12 days. Trying to do everything right and documenting everything i eat. Trying to stay within my macros… 1300 calories, 108g fat, 65 protein and 18 net carbs. (Set by keto calculators). I’m 67, female, and need to loose 75lbs. I’m not as hungry as my first week but still have days staying within my macros. I stay off the scale for now because I can became very negative if no weight loss. Hope u can respond to me and help guide me

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Thank you. I get so aggravated when I see people trying to find loopholes in this lifestyle. And you may know deep down that cake is keto friendly, but your brain on a base level is seeing cake. And will want more cake. And eventually there’s going to be a cake in front of you that isn’t keto friendly. And those cravings will still be there because you never conditioned yourself to not have them anymore. Change what you want. Stop craving cake and start craving meat, fats, and real foods. It sucks, but fake cake is just a bandaid to a larger problem.

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Or not. To each his or her own.

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Maybe I was too harsh in my judgement. I just found that for me cutting out replacements for the treats helped get my cravings for meat, and other necessary keto foods (oils, greens, healthy fats) going. If I allow myself to eat artificial sweeteners then I’d justify replacing my carbs for the day with that, rather than veggies and nuts and such. But if someone has really good willpower and can only treat themselves once a week or once a month then it’s not that big of a deal. But I was a sugar addict, and addicts can’t indulge in their addiction like others. So that was my problem. So I’m sorry to judge. It was kinda like an ex-smoker judging someone for having an occasion cigarette. There was a bias there. That’s not fair to others.

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Thanks for your thoughtful response. Sometimes I’ll have one treat a week. Sometimes once a day for a couple of days. It doesn’t seem to impact or trigger any cravings for me. I’ll admit that I can’t say that it isn’t affecting or slowing my weight loss. But I’d rather fast sometimes that eliminate keto friendly treats altogether.

I think I’m more likely to be triggered into eating something with sugar (or French fries- a much bigger problem for me if I’m honest with myself), if I leave myself feeling truly deprived. But that’s just me.

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It’s a definite n=1 thing, for sure. OTOH, when SOME people arrive at this, they are DESPERATE to eat keto analogs of everything they used to eat. That seems to either sort itself out or they stop doing keto.

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I learned a very hard lesson on thanksgiving. There are no cheat days for me. Some mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy with a few beers after a pretty strict 6 months on Keto is killer. I’ve had carb cravings since. Bad.

Company leaving tomorrow back on the wagon.

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Thank you for posting this. I am pre-paniced about the Christmas binge that goes on at my sisters place every Xmas day! I am printing this post off and taking it with me to read as part of my arsanal to- Stay Strong and Keto On.

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I like your post. I am new to Keto. I never liked sweets or sugary candies, cakes or soda. The transition for me has been easy other then the headaches and fatigue I had in my first week. I am a baby in the timeline of Keto, “week 2”. I know weight loss will take a bit and my number are around 2.5 with my blood tests. I feel amazing and mostly tried Keto for the other health benefits not just wright loss. I’m excited to see where I am at in a month, then a year. I hope I can keep it up. Thanks for your insight.