What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

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Yeah, as someone else said, we need sarcasm emojis…

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Dive! Dive!

No. We need troll emoji!

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Thank you for that!!! Sorry, I violated community guidelines. I was yanking the troll’s chain. Sorry everyone. My genes involve a big mouth.

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I was trying to echo the “deep concern” she had for other people’s health:rofl: Not everyone got it.

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I can delete the post or leave it as an example of non-scientific BS. Thoughts ?

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It’s probably not a great idea for new members to see that kind of thing. Especially since they won’t know the poster had joined just minutes before, for the express purpose of harassment. A genuine keto vegan would be helpful for the conversation, but not that poster.

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There’s no way that human beings are supposed to eat plants only. We’re omnivores we are supposed to eat animal foods. I know a lot of people like to be diplomatic and placate the vegans but I’m not one of those people. I’m not going to be diplomatic and agree that for some people veganism is good. I don’t believe it’s good for anybody. You can’t even get all of the amino acids necessary for life out of a plant-only diet.
There are people who do plant-only keto. Personally I think that’s insane.
But hey, I don’t have to agree with everyone

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I think leave it: it has appropriate responses immediately after it, including your quote above. I think folks should see our response to the vegan onslaught. We do get this out in the wild a lot.

Interesting that the troll has not revisited. :smirk:

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I flagged this post when I read it, but in view of subsequent comments, I removed the flag. Let’s see what happens.

P.S.—Should I post something inflammatory about keto on Dr. Greger’s site, in retaliation? :grinning: :laughing: :smiley:

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My vote - should be flagged. As I mentioned, a serious keto vegan (whatever that is) should be allowed. And we have some on the forum .) But not a chain-yanker.

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I disagree. I don’t see it as us against them. We don’t need to be defensive. There are way more (if you take low carb in general ) of us then of them. Don’t give that person the satisfaction. Just obliterate. I’ve only been here about a month, but have seen a troll kicked out for lesser offenses.

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Love this! Thanks for the inspiration! :smile:

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I have been on keto for 3 weeks now but I am getting more confused. I have read elsewhere that avocados are great for keto due to very low carb content. I learned to have a very small quantity of green vegetables but a friend on keto tells me to eat lots of vegetables because the fibre cancels out the carb content. Every site I read different information. I know I need to feel physically stronger than I do at the moment. Any advice please?

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My advice would be to start a new thread in this Newbies category and repeat what you posted here.

Lots of veterans willing to help you and you are at the stage most give up and they can help you feel better and will be easier to stick it out :slightly_smiling_face:

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This should go with newbies, yes. The short answer is that (in the US) foods are labeled with their total carb count. But fiber, which is carb, can’t be digested, so you subtract the fiber from the total to get “net carbs”. Most people say to keep your net carbs below 20 in the beginning. Some people can tolerate more carbs than that, this is recommended to pretty much guarantee you will be in ketosis to start with.

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The reason I suggested your own thread is veterans might not look at this thread since it is directed towards the newbies.

However, they are always willing to help out anyone who asks.

Good luck.


Excellent advice. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Let me ask you how can you track your macros when you meal prep and eye ball things . Isn’t it best to eat a lot of vegetables and fatty meats ?

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Just found this post and it’s awesome! I do disagree with #3 as a hard and fast rule (I don’t measure my food, and I am putting a lot of effort into making this work, which it is!) but can see how it’s a good guideline for a lot of folks. But yes, yes and YES to all the rest, especially ridding your home of carby treats. While a keto diet will eventually naturally reduce or eliminate physical carb cravings, many of us have an absolute emotional/psychological dependency on carbs, and I still definitely find myself on the brink of self-medicating with sugar occasionally. Simply not having the option and riding out the craving is becoming more and more intuitive for me the more often I do it. Can’t say I haven’t eaten too much bacon on occasion for reasons other than attaining satiety, but that’s definitely better than eating a box of cookies!