What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

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Agree! This rang a bell in my head! Thank you!


Those things are real as hell at 3AM when you seriously have to stop and figure out whether you actually did it or not!

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Great post!
I stopped weighing myself a while ago because I was going nuts about little ups and downs.
I have found a brand of jeans that fit me great, I own several pairs and I judge myself only on my comfort in them. I’m always wearing them at some point in any given week. My weight stalled then crept up a little but my physical size was stable for a while then reduced.

I’m rowing, cycling, walking, doing yoga, playing football with the dog - I’ve never felt so well. My body lost a load of fat then started sorting out all its other stuff. I don’t care what I weigh anymore because two years in I feel bulletproof. And I look great in those jeans. :wink:

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Your post is just full of awesomeness.

Congrats on your new lifestyle and body :clap:

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Thank you for the tips. They are spot on! Simple and practical. I’m 6 months in, 40 lbs lighter and 6 inches less around my waist. I LOVE this new relationship with food where, to begin with, I am not thinking about it all the time and when I’m hungry, I’m no longer stressing about fat, sodium, etc. Yes, I have slipped a couple of times, like over consuming almonds or a coleslaw from a BBQ place, but for the most part, its actually quite easy to put together a keto meal from basic ingredients. There is a plethora of recipes for all sorts of keto deserts, fat bombs, bars, etc. but I stay clear of them. The desire for sweet has really diminished and whatever little remains, is easily satisfied with some heavy cream or my Sunday treat of peanut butter.

I think if I were to summarize, it makes more sense to research the science than to research keto recipes.

Good luck all!


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Thanks, I’m 9 days in to KETO and still very tired. Ive cut back on alcohol as well as carbs so Im a double junkie getting off the wagon. I think that’s why I’m tired. Ta very much for your insight!

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2.5 weeks fill sick ,and want popcorn have not cheated at all

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At 2.5 weeks in the answer might be to eat more fat. Your body is still craving it’s sugar high like a crying baby. It gets better.

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Thank you for this. Tomorrow will be my first day and I am going to be following the 30 day meal plan from ruled me primarily because I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed at the beginning. The macros are very very close as to what I have to eat so I lucked out.
I am looking forward to all of the positive side effects but I am not naive to think that this will be a breeze. As I say "it’s hard but not impossible "


This is gold! So many people resort to trickery to make keto “work”. I’ve tried to get rid of the junk as I’m trying to heal my mitochondria not just use fake sweeteners and almond meal in place of sugar and flour. I don’t really buy into the whole n=1 thing like others do but I can say this: if keto isn’t “working” eliminating variables is a great place to start.

Another one I’d add to the list is something about “If you know exactly how many days you have been keto you might want to stop counting”. When I see replies stating “I’ve been keto for 26 days”, etc. I can’t help but think the whole diet vs lifestyle change hasn’t clicked. Keto is not hard. Eating buttery steaks and veggies is not difficult. If you are having trouble, as I have many times, go back to the basics. Eat bacon and eggs for a few days and tell me how many weird cravings you get. By all means experiment and find what works, but just understand the healing the body has to undergo before it’s going to make the number on the scale a top priority.

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@Rian excellent post.

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Haha !

That is what I started with.

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Yup. It just doesn’t need to be all that complicated. :slight_smile:


Well said

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Funny, but true! :slight_smile:

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Great to read and appreciate your long tough effort…
actually, as a holistic health nutritionist, I suggested everyone adopt a Natural way to weight loss and other healthcare eras. Because the natural foods that burn the fat are normally considered to be the one which would do some magic in order to make us lean, smart and slim or some people don’t believe on such food items because after consuming so many carbs, calories and amount of fats how one can shed their weight. In any case, there are some specific food items that have a high thermogenic impact and can consume much amount of calories as you process them.
Actually, these natural and health friendly food items trigger the amount of metabolism and working hormones in order to fight with the stubborn fats of the body.
This is my own opinion …
@stupidrobots and other respected members what you thought about my thinks?

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Rose_Alvina may ask your opinion on frozen veggie? I purchase those because of convenience and I hate to waste veggies when they spoil and I throw them away.


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THANK YOU!!! Your advice is really sensible and I liked it so much I’ve printed it and hung it on the wall of my cube at work. I appreciate your taking time to post this.

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I agree that this is excellent, simple, clear advice. I have started to see co-workers (in healthcare) come to me for ketogenic advice. I will share you post. Thank you!

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Hi, what do you use to track? I have tried MFP. Thanks