What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

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This is going into a bit of a different direction in the conversation, but I know I’m stupid with computers, and I still haven’t figured out how to make non-reply comments. Anyway- too much saturated fats in your diet can raise LDL cholesterol in the blood, which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. HDL cholesterol has a positive effect by taking cholesterol from parts of the body where there’s too much of it to the liver, where it’s disposed of. So I fear that these low carb diets, other than the initial few weeks for the weight loss, could be harmful. I think a balanced diet, with the four food groups, including lectin-reduced grains, and low amounts of saturated fat, are best. And naturally, no sugar or refined flours. It’s helped me, anyway. I only want to help, not cause fear.

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I disagree with that statement. The LDL of the patients ending up in the hospital with a heart attack event does not correlate this.

Then I do not understand why you are here on a forum board dedicated to a ketogenic lifestyle. If you only plan to eat low carb for a couple of weeks then you don’t need support here for that and there is nothing here that would be helpful for you. And eating low carb for a couple of weeks is silly since you will gain the weight you lose from the low carb eating as soon as you add carbs back,

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I know everyone is different but my n=1 is after a year on keto and replacing all seed oils with mostly saturated fats my LDL went from 122 to 114 so DROPPED. My HDL went from 88 to 130. I do not believe my keto diet high in saturated fats will cause me to develop heart disease. My triglycerides (a better correlation to heart disease) went from 94 to 73.

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Btw- I haven’t gained the weight back since adding carbs back, I think because I’ve been eating sprouted and/or soaked, lectin reduced grains. I’m only trying to point out all sides, so people can judge for themselves where the truth lies. And it seems to me the general consensus is that saturated fats are bad. Wikipedia: Most medical, scientific, heart-health, governmental, and professional authorities agree that saturated fat is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, including the World Health Organization,[1] the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Medicine,[2] the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,[3] the Dietitians of Canada,[3] the Association of UK Dietitians,[4] the American Heart Association,[5] the British Heart Foundation,[6] the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada,[7] the World Heart Federation,[8] the British National Health Service,[9] the United States Food and Drug Administration,[10] and the European Food Safety Authority.[11] All of these organizations recommend restricting consumption of saturated fats to reduce that risk.
I’ve been getting complaints about my comments, even though I’m trying to look at all sides. So I’m ceasing my input. I think you should look at all sides, and do what your gut, (so to speak), tells you is best. Best of health to you and everybody.

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But what about significantly increasing my consumption of saturated fats and my LDL went DOWN? Triglycerides went DOWN. HDL went UP.

Can’t argue with actual lab tests. Do you not agree that according to all the agencies you mentioned that my markers for heart disease IMPROVED by eating more saturated fats and fewer carbs?

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Thank you ! This was helpful and inspiring.

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And that is the core of the problem.

Suggest you get hold of a copy of The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Tiecholz or watch some of her youtube clips (or listen to 2Keto Dudes episode 20).

Here is a taster: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vM-vyDIidzM

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I really appreciate this. I have just begun my fourth week, unfortunately had to get a new scale last week as it gave me severely different readings ranging from a 2-7lb difference. Of course once I get my new scale it is now all of a sudden being consistent. Anyways. I was down just under 4 lbs my first week and was ok with that- more happy than just OK. Down 1.9 my second week, and then no official weigh in for my 3rd. Upon my weigh in Monday I am back to my 4 lb weight-loss. After 3 weeks I expected more. I haven’t had an oz of any carb, or any keto friendly cheats, no keto friendly / low carb breads. Not even a bite of a cracker, a piece of bread, a grain of rice. I rarely have nuts maybe twice in 3 weeks. I rarely am snacking between meals- mostly 2 meals a day. I am unsure where I am going wrong. While I agree and understand to approach this as a long term goal- I am trying to get down some weight down before a trip @ end of April, where after we intend to try for a second baby. I am starting to get discouraged on the scale, but I feel like aside from looser clothing I feel like I just look thinner overall (unless its a placebo as stupid as that sounds). But unfortunately I became obsessed with the scale in 6th grade. It is so hard to shake that habit. I need some tips of MORE FAT, less protein. Or just some more words of encouragement for a starter. Might I add, with my weight, being overweight and obese per my BMI iI REALLY thought/expected the weight would come off quicker.

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Hi @JLigs14, welcome to the forum.
I started keto 5 months ago with the idea that weight would fall off at an astounding rate. I have lost about 1lb a week. This was very disappointing at first (I was/am possible going on a trip to Italy in April) but now I’m happy with that rate, mainly because I adjusted my expectations. Try not to get hung-up on scales - they are lying bastards. I have a pair of pants that I no longer fit and try these on every few weeks to gauge real progress (in addition to recording to scale weight).
Best of luck to you.


Take it slow. Dont hurry yourself. I just suffered from the keto rash and had sinusitis and gained back some weight while eating keto. Now I feel better and am losing again. Sometimes it goes in spurts and sometimes it looks like nothing is happening. I know some people who were not massively overweight who simply lost 20 lbs in one whole year. That isn’t rapid weight loss either, but it works because it is sustainable and what’s not to love? And another thing, after maybe even as long as 3-4 months, one becomes fat adapted. That is not the same as “in ketosis”. Wait for that magic to occur. You will be amazed. I think I have spurts of being fat adapted-like it isnt 100% or even 90% yet. My body must be a tough sell to burning fat- but some days I am just not hungry. Today I was even full of energy. It is 2 pm here and I have no desire to eat anything, but I feel good. I`ll just see how long this lasts. One slips into intermittent fasting without even noticing. And funny - but I just thought how it used to be that when you had no appetite you were considered somehow sick. Now not having an appetite is considered “fat adapted”, a goal, and healthy!!!

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I don’t think anyone here recommends any of these paid for plans. Are you associated with this business in any way?


After 3 months l decided not to check the scale. I am being vigilant, l am not hungry and l feel my body changing. The scale can be a real bumber.
I am in ketosis but haven’t been higher than moderate.
Keeping carbs under 13 g for the most part keeping calories under what is suggested.
I guess l should weigh but don’t want to be discouraged.

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Excellent Read. Well written and very helpful/

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Please could use your advice. Have been on Keto for about 48 days still feel tired most of the time. Im eating clean about 2500 calories a day carbs no more than 30grams and fats are high. I still have not reached that pinnacle that everyone talks about. I have heard that some take a long time to become fat adapted. Do you have any advice this is the third time I have tried this and the longest I have ever gone but it gets frustrating sometimes.

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Try for 20 grams or less of carbs to get into Ketosis, and depending on your height/gender/weight/age you might be eating too much too --we can help you better if we know these things and what you are eating =). If you follow this guide, it should help a lot though, best wishes =).

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Have you considered the calorie intake? 2500 calories a day might still be more then you need.

In my experience of about 6 weeks, eating just below maintenance has given the optimum results. That was with some exercise (5k run couple of times a week, couple of long walks, and no equipment resistance workout).

If your body keeps getting more calories that it needs, even if it fats, it might not be going into a state where its required to burn much fat. You might have switched to keto, but would probably not be getting all the benefits.

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I’m a newbie…but have been on Keto 3 months and have been slowly losing the weight but now really frustrated because my weight has crept up 2 lbs, with no change to diet
if anyone out there has input for me please feel free to

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Thanks for the message. I started keto in January 2017, and have been off and on it since (mostly off). I’ll be doing well, then the other adults I live with will bring home some crazy carb treat and I’ll roll all the way back down to the bottom of the hill. And like any addict, the will is there in the morning, and gone by afternoon.

I signed up for the forum to help me build resiliency into my keto lifestyle. Yes, I gained back most of the weight I had lost (about 25 pounds), but it isn’t really the weight that is driving me back to keto–it is the energy. I have so much I want to do with my life, but I am constantly exhausted. I am aware of how carbs affect me, but again, like any addict, the instant gratification of a sweet is a siren song that is hard to overcome on my own.

So, thanks again for putting these paragraphs into verse and sharing. For me it isn’t so much an intro to keto as a call to real commitment.

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Welcome to the forum, @ezbub and good luck staying on track this time =).

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I am hopeful! Since I am mid 50s I feel like I want to spend the next 25 years or so moving, not practicing eternal sleep. :smile:

The first couple days are the hardest, but I weighed myself and logged back into my diet tracker. Good start. :slight_smile: