What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

(Susan) #277

That sounds mega delicious for a meal as well, Traci =). You are a good cook, yummy =). Are you somewhere where you could buy something and Ketoize it?

(traci simpson) #278

There is a burrito place nearby. I’ll wait about 15 minutes to see if I really want something else. I’m not full that’s for certain and I’d rather eat then have this coffee.

(Jack Bennett) #279

It sounds like a lot to handle. I bet it’s so frustrating to have someone you love in pain and to have an “answer” for their problems that they don’t want to hear. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Bob M) #280

Do you have a place to store food? I use canned salmon, canned sardines, etc., as an emergency backup. I’ve dipped into these even on days when I was planning to fast and had zero food with me.

(traci simpson) #281

I have an office but I went out and got a burrito bowl (thanks ajbennett) and now I’m sufficiently full.

(Susan) #282

That totally makes sense, Traci, I agree =). That is great, a burrito bowl sounds delicious =).

(traci simpson) #283

It was pretty darn good!

(Susan) #284

It is very frustrating, but the combination of his Bipolar and his 2 brain diseases have made him very argumentative and grouchy, so I try to keep the peace now, he knows I want him to do Keto, and he sees me getting healthier and sees the 52 pounds I have lost so far, so fingers crossed over time, he might be willing to try Keto =).

(traci simpson) #290

That would make me want to eat more sweets.

(Susan) #291

Me too, I would be gaining tons of weight if I ate that, still not Keto to me.

(Jane) #292

Why would you eat “junk” every day??? Does not make sense. Are your cravings more important than your health? If so, you must be young and can get away with it. It will catch up with you eventually

(John Linnon) #293

I haven’t gained ANY weight from my diet. The chocolate pie isn’t junk food- it’s all healthy keto food. No sugar- monk fruit, instead. And I only eat a little of it every day.

(Jane) #294

Well sorry, but YOU called the pie keto junk food and I was just repeating it.

An occasional treat- sure. But every day? It’s not real food - it’s processed food but whatever floats your boat!!


LOL, you were the one who called it ‘junk’, mate!

(John Linnon) #296

I’m 65, actually. And like I said, I haven’t gained any weight on the diet. Only lost, at first. I don’t have cravings- in fact, I have little appetite anymore. I just eat the pie as a snack. We all deserve a little treat, sometimes. Do you want to just live your life with no fun? What I meant was that it’s good snacking food, but still keto. Not junk food. Not processed. Made from bulk foods. No grains or sugars in the pudding or crust. I should have been more specific. I should switch to coconut milk, though.

(John Linnon) #297

You’re right- I was referring to it as junk in a relative way. Not literal. I should have been more specific.

(Jane) #298

You are a guy so you don’t have hormones working so hard against you. I don’t snack. And as far as treats - of course I do because keto is my lifestyle - but I never needed treats every day, even before keto.

(Mame) #299

Sometimes I have a treat and sometimes I don’t. But snacking does not agree with me. For me snacking is always an emotional event not a hunger event and I want my food and emotions disentangled as much as possible.

Everyone is different so it’s all cool…:sunglasses:


I’ve been keto for 4 weeks and I’m feeling weirdly lethargic today and I actually gained back 2lbs after losing 10lbs… This post has been super helpful. Thank you so much!

(Susan) #301

Welcome to the forum, Yesago.