What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

(Wendy) #252

I did make fat head pizza and it is very filling. I know I could never eat more than a couple pieces. You might be surprised.

(Marianne) #253

I should give it a try because it looks so good.

(Steak and iron) #256

How about you take your spam and stuff it?

(Mary Folse) #257

I wanted to share with you…some of these posts are so very extraordinary that I copy them and create a PDF that I can read OVER AND OVER again for support.
This got the prize for me today.
Thank you so much.

(J. A) #258

This must be the best most motivational post on Keto I have ever read! Thank you!

(Jess) #260

I’m in the UK too, I started Sep 4th 2019 and lost bang on 5kg / 11lb… My sweet tooth disappeared from Day 1, I have no desire to eat anything sweet. I do not live alone, so yes, there are carbs and sugars in the house. That have not lured me, and never will… Keto treats do not appeal to me either!

I have a Weight Watchers body analysis scale that links to my phone, gives a more indepth results
(£50 at Argos)

(Marianne) #262

Good for you - I’m glad you are having an easy time of it. Just wait - it only gets better!

(Marianne) #263

How are you doing?

(Mary) #264

6weeks in, lost maybe five lbs…temptations strongest during a bad cold!

I’m having digestive issues, feels like a bug,very very tempted to eat toast!

How do y’all manage intestinal viruses?

(Mary) #265

Thanks for asking.
Only one day in six weeks that I ate more than 30 grams of carbs.

(Marianne) #266

I’m sorry about your intestinal virus. I’m afraid I don’t have much advise except to keep hydrated (with salt for electrolytes). Sounds like you had a cold, too. That is a bummer, and can be hard to hang on when you feel lousy. Hopefully you are over your cold now and will have just a day or two more of the intestinal thing.

Please hang in there. Remember, you don’t have to do it “perfectly.” I say this to everybody - are you eating enough? are you getting enough fat? If you are restricting calories and/or not getting enough fat, this could be the cause of your slower weight loss. No need to count calories in the beginning. Eat three meals a day of the clean foods you want, with ample fat. In time (and not too long), your body will naturally take you to a place where you don’t want to eat as often and the meal/meals you do consume will hold you more than sufficiently until the next (natural calorie restriction).

Another bonus - when you start to feel better, I think you will feel great! Keto is not just for weight loss but better health.

Good luck!

(Nabeela) #267

This for sure is a good tip! I have acrazy sweet tooth… Ive nearly survived two weeks without!


Hey everyone! new here! I was wondering if a custom keto meal plans were any good? I found one and I’m not sure if anyone has heard of it or has considered trying it?



(traci simpson) #270

I actually made a KETO lasagna using spaghetti squash and it was truly amazing!

(Susan) #271

That is great =). I make spaghetti squash at times for myself if I am doing an OMAD because of the high carbs in it, but just for me =). I am sure the Lasagna would be awesome too =). I have to just make that sort of thing for myself, not them is all, as they won’t even try and are very very umm rude about Keto. I have been doing this since February, so although my hubby will eat the meat/vegetables that I make for myself (as long as I make him starchy carb junk like pototoes, rice, or pasta to go with his), any other Keto dishes I make I end up eating for days as no one else will eat them. This is why I generally just use the squash or zucchini cut up as a spaghetti type of thing for me. I agree with you that it is delicious though =).

(traci simpson) #272

I made it for a party with non KETO people and it was gone!

(Susan) #273

Very nice =). I think my hubby would probably try, he will eat almost anything. The only bad bit is he also eats everything… so even after a nice Keto meal he then eats a bag of chips, a bowl of icecream and 2 chocolate bars…and/or makes a sandwich after supper because “since you are on Keto you are trying to starve me” grrr.

(Jack Bennett) #274

Yeah, you really starve on keto.

For lunch, I just had 3 eggs, a big “burrito bowl” of ground beef with sour cream, salsa, garlic sauce over cauliflower rice, and I’m drinking a protein shake and nibbling string cheese and macadamia nuts.

Clearly starving! :joy::laughing::joy::laughing:

(Susan) #275

I know, Jack, I certainly eat lots on my eating days as well. He is eating so much sugar and carbage though, and ofcourse that is what is keeping him hungry -as we all know, not the Keto meals that he eats at times… but there is no reasoning with him. It always ends up in a big fight and with all his 4 diseases I know Keto would be so much better for him, but he refuses to listen, and I cannot handle the mega stress of the fighting, so I just tell him when you are ready to get healthy and feel better, then you can do Keto too.

He has Diverticulitis, Bipolar, Hydrocephalus and Parkinsons --and is still working full time, in agony and pain all the time, and I tell him Keto would help all of it, but he just refuses to listen is all. (He had brain surgery in December for drainage removal and he is on the waiting list atm for brain shunt surgery, so hoping that they call soon for that).

(traci simpson) #276

I had a ground beef casserole with cream cheese and some cauliflower cheesy bake and an avocado and I want more. Can’t think of anything else to eat since that’ s all I brought with me. I settled for a coffee with hazelnut creamer. UGH I had when I don’t bring enough food.