What is your recipe library?


Yes. That’s what I do

(Steve) #42

I’m not sure if any of us is obsessive enough to use this (I’m likely close) :wink: but Paprika also has the capability to map out all of your meals (it has a calendar feature) So you could actually map out all of your meals and it will create your grocery list for you.
I also find it great for sending recipes to people - either an e-mail, or I can do an export of all of my recipes or just a category (such as the Keto one).
(did try creating a thread to share these…but it didn’t catch on). If anyone wants to snag mine, I post updates of them every so often:

I’ve been using it for years…my next recipe will make it an even 365 recipes (up to 109 in the Keto section at the moment) :slight_smile: Have it on my Mac’s, iPhone and iPad (also supported for Android and Windows).

(Thao Le) #43

I put copy a recipe into word, save it into OneDrive. I can open and search my recipes from different devices as long as I have OneDrive installed.

(Amy Ramadan) #44

I started a Me to Pinterest board and save my recipes up there!! I have found great options up there and many with comments of ppl who have tried the recipe, along with any tweaks that made!!


I can’t remember if I responded to this thread, but I do this too. I save everything on pinterest including recipes.

(Brent) #46

Thanks i’ll have to give it a look…

(Rabeah Lookyoung) #47

I think use canva.com it is really simple yet so nice to keep the info & picture. colorful & and save to any folder in your laptop/drive in google (this one is better). i found this collection of keto recipes really help me. https://ketomummy.food.blog/2019/07/14/too-busy-to-cook-youll-love-these-150-keto-recipes/

(traci simpson) #48

I print a lot out and keep them in a folder.