What is your recipe library?


Where do you store all your recipes and tips you collect from this great forum, other sites, podcasts etc? Such that you can search them for the tips or subtle changes you can do the next time you cook liver, mince, parsnip etc

I have tried keeping them in a Word document, Excel document, google keep, on paper (yes old fashioned i know) none have hit the mark.

Anyone using a method which is easy to maintain, quick to search and is flexible to the input?

Looking for a good recipe aggregation app
(Brian) #2

Printed out, tried out, and if it’s worthy of a repeat, it lives in a cookie tin on the countertop. :slight_smile:

Not particularly high tech, but that’s OK for me. Cooking doesn’t take much for most recipes. Baking, however, does get a little more demanding of specific ratios of ingredients.

(Athena) #3

I have them both printed out and in Word in a folder on my computer. I’ll be transferring them to an external hard drive soon.

(Rob) #4

Paprika - iOS/Android/Mac/PC is awesome. Point it at a website recipe and it will scape the ingredients, directions, nutrition, photo etc. into the right areas. Create a custom category listing and you can search and cross reference a huge library. It can create shopping lists etc.

Around Thanksgiving it was on sale for a fraction of normal price… usually, $15 for mobile, $40 for PC/Mac - $3/$5 on sale. It’s worth full price but if not, wait for a sale - probably around holidays.

My family have a single account so that it will sync our recipe libraries around us all - 1 adds a recipe, we all get it instantly. Tell everyone to buy it on sale when it comes up!


I use OneNote - it syncs across all devices - and it can capture website pages etc.

(Ren) #6

I use Evernote for recipes. This allows my wife and I access to it through all our devices.

(Sophie) #7

I also use OneNote. Most of the recipes I copy from websites and paste there. The ones I use a lot are printed and kept in my special recipe box. And of course, I have tons of bookmarks for stuff I want to try. God, I’m so scattered! :roll_eyes:


I seldom follow recipes to the letter anyway so I often just wing it on things I’ve made before, adjusting the ingredients to my liking or whim.
I do have plenty of cookbooks, though.


With Onenote is it one recipe per page or is multiple recipes per page and a page to a category?


I found a site called Happy Forks I save some recipes to there, especially if I want to get a full nutritional background. It can be a little fussy sometimes though. It can’t always find certain ingredients like pork rinds. Most of the time I just write my recipes I create on an index card.


I use Word and print the recipe when I use it the first time. Then, as I am eating my ‘new’ recipe, I can make notes right on the recipe as to what I like and don’t like, put it in a binder for future reference.

(Alex Moore) #12

I used TextEdit on an iMac, which I liked very much—searchable and doesn’t take up too much cloud space. Since I now use the iPad Pro more, I have shifted to Notes, which I like less because of the difficulty backing up or transferring files.

(Rob) #13

Just a note. Paprika is 40% off until Jan 1 on Mac and iOS and maybe Android. Not as good as the thanksgiving discount but still not bad.
Pricing is hard to tell when you already own it.

(Insert witty quote here) #14

I use a Google Sheets spreadsheet. I use different tabs for different meals. If you’re interested in using the template, I’m attaching the link. If you save a copy, you can modify it however you like. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to come up with something different, where I can add pictures, and maybe notes. I’ve also used Evernote, but I tend to forget about it, because I just don’t use Evernote very often. I am, however, using Google tools frequently, as I use them for work, too.

(Rob) #15

I’ll make another plug for Paprika - https://www.paprikaapp.com

I get nothing from pushing it but it is so pro and I think I’m addicted. I use it all the time and my entire family now share the same account so new recipes replicate between all devices anywhere.
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It is pricey compared to most options ($30 Mac, $20 Win, $5 iOS/Android) but it is brilliant. It will scale recipes, make shopping lists, scrape almost any web recipe perfectly into its formats with just one click, allow you to categorize everything and then search by category. On an iPad or other mobile device, it even restricts the auto-sleep function so the screen doesn’t turn off mid prep!

Note: it seems to go on sale for most US holidays - it was 80% off at Thanksgiving, 50% off at Christmas/NY.

(Insert witty quote here) #16

Wow. This does look pretty fantastic! For anyone interested, they have a 30 day free trial! :smiley: I’m downloading it now.

(deana leone) #17

I use this app, too. Love it, especially b/c if you merely copy a url & then open the app, it will detect the url & ask if you want to import it. This is especially helpful b/c I would typically fall into…I’ll copy & paste & do the editing & tagging later, then never get to it. It keeps a separate ingredient list from the directions & you can edit & modify as needed, including the titles & tags, categories, etc.
I use it with AnyList for shopping lists, b/c that allows for any shopping items, not just food. All sync across devices. LOVE!

(Mike Glasbrener) #18

I just downloaded it. I started to play with it. For $5 it looks to be awesome. Syncs across devices too! So I can use iPad for cooking, iPhone for shopping…:grinning:

(Rob) #19

I really should be on commission :grin:

You can also export and send recipes to friends with the app but on a different account.

(Mike Glasbrener) #20

Cool! Maybe a 2kd group? It’s going to solve my cooking memory problem…