What is your recipe library?

(deana leone) #21

AnyList allows this, too, even in their free version–sharing of different shopping lists. That way anyone it’s shared w/can update at any time. I live in a different city than my mom, but will shop for her when I’m planning a visit. I keep a list just for her & she can update as needed right from home!

(Insert witty quote here) #22

I downloaded it for Windows. So far, I really love it. It’s sooo easy to import recipes! I’ve tried using Evernote, but I found that importing, and then formatting, was very cumbersome. I’m seriously considering paying the $20 to have it forever. I wonder, though, if I buy it for Windows, if I have to pay for the Android app, too…

(Christopher Hodge) #23

Decided to give Paprika a shot and I have to say it’s a lot easier to use than OneNote, which is what I had used previously. Being able to place them into categories is pretty nifty.

(Candy Lind) #24

I’m going to watch for a sale! Maybe Valentine’s …

(Rob) #25

Yes you do, unfortunately, though its only $5 - or you could wait for a sale?

(Michelle ) #26

Thank you for this plug!
I am putting some great recipes on this app!

(Mollyann Hesser) #27

I use yummly. After I try a recipe, if it’s good, it stays. If not, I delete it. It’s free and easy to use.

(Sandra Hastings) #28

I use Copy Me That. https://www.copymethat.com/sharing/
I absolutely love this site and it’s smartphone apps it’s super easy to use.

(Insert witty quote here) #29

OK. Yep. copymethat for the win (Even though this wasn’t my topic! LOL) ! :smiley:

(Brent) #30

I used to use evernote until the program became more and more bloated over time and they decided to 2x the price of the service (not worth it IMO). I now use onenote. While i don’t like onenote as much as i did evernote its free. I prefer evernote/onenote because when i grab a recipe from a blog post i want the whole post with pictures & what not rather than JUST a recipe.

(Hannah De Los Reyes) #31

I use Pinterest. There are annoying things about it, but it’s free and works well enough.

(Gin) #32

Paprika rocks! It is so easy and only $4.99. I’ve put it on all my devices so it automatically syncs. If I’m at the grocery store I just look at my phone to find the ingredients I need. I prefer the app on my tablet for using while cooking.

(Insert witty quote here) #33

Just as an FYI - copymethat will pull the pictures from the site, too. :slight_smile: It’s good about not pulling the fluff, though. I don’t care about all the blog fluff. I just want the recipe and the pictures. :slight_smile:


Trello is another possibility.
It’s an organizing tool for projects.
I like to use this app , because I can

*use it for different topics
*add several pictures
*Customize th
*share the lists with my son
*create cards directly from a website
*use it at any device


*ups ,

*customize the way it looks

(Lara) #36

I use Big Oven, and for $20 year I can use it across several platforms. They will also make suggestions on a recipe feed based on my preferences!

(Kim) #37

I just started using Chef Tap in an effort to move beyond scraps and printouts stuffed in a clunky binder.

I suspect it’s very like Paprika. It allows 100 recipes for free before needing to purchase, exports, works and syncs across multi-platforms, and it even keeps your phone/device awake while you have a recipe up on the screen. The scrape works fantastically (I even just grabbed Brenda Z’s pork rind pancake recipe off the forums this morning! And made it for lunch. Yum.).

Chef Tap’s been easy and intuitive thus far. I expect I’ll pay for the “Pro” version soon enough to get the grocery list-making feature.


I use the paprika app which allows you to import recipes from lots of websites and you can create custom recipes by inputting all ingredients yourself. I’ve been using this app for years, way before I went keto.


I use Pinterest to save recipes from the web and usually just use my phone to bring it up and cook. I only have 1 recipe I keep that’s not from a website so it works for me.

Then I can also make notes right on the page and mark whether I’ve tried it or not.

(Insert witty quote here) #40

How do you make notes on Pinterest? Do you just use the comments?