What did you NOT eat today?



I am guessing these are keto cheesecakes? What kind of pan do you use to get that edge crust. I am thinking i need to make one of these for turkey day.


I actually don’t even want to eat any of it. The brownies did smell good…probably better than they would taste (to me). I don’t normally eat breakfast so all the bagels and muffins are an easy no thank you for me :smile:. It gets exhausting listening to them crunch on carbage all day long.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


No, actually these shown here are original recipe Cheesecakes, for orders I receive. (Pre-Keto recipe I should say) But I did convert the recipe over to a more Keto-Friendly version that can be found in this thread :point_down:

The pans I use are Spring-Form pans, which are not only great for cakes such as Cheesecakes, but can be used for all sorts of other cooking. But being able to remove the side-band first, is quite helpful with any dishes where you can’t necessarily flip it out, like cheesecake, quiche, etc. (Highly recommend having some) :slight_smile:

I even ordered 3 Mini-Spring-forms not too long ago, and they work great for experimenting with recipes (at one third the size of full) and also make nice serving sizes as well for just about any dish. (Some recent Dungeness Crab Cakes I made came out quite nicely with using them)



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Was yesterday though… they had fine chocolates laying around from a customer.

I was fighting with the thought for about 5 seconds, then it was all gone…(the thought, not the chocolates) :rofl::rofl:

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One of our employees was celebrating their 25 anniversary today.
This was just a small sample of the typical stuff they served (fruit, cupcakes, biscuits, etc.)

Honestly, there was a really good breakfast casserole, and some sausage links, which I had plenty of. :grin:

One look at this tray, and I didn’t even care to take a bite.

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I might have had some strawberries and cheese from there, but I eat those at home so…

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I know, that’s kinda why I posted this. I was surprised I didn’t even want to try it. :slight_smile:

(Wendy) #329

Tonight my family had biscuits and they smelled SO good coming out of the oven. I was tempted at first but by the time I sat down and had my chicken and cabbage I was satisfied and didn’t even want them any more.
I also fasted a bit longer today than I usually do. I had gone into work early 6:30, and didn’t eat until I got home at 3. It was one of those I’m just not that hungry days. Aren’t those the best?

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Yes they are.
I’m happy for you, Wendy!

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Hot chips. Being eaten here in this car by a two-year-old who will clearly not finish the bag…

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(Michelle isaacson) #333

We were at the pumpkin patch!
I did not eat:

Caramel Apples
Kettle Corn
Apple pie
Corn dog

I did eat a turkey :turkey: leg though!


(Deborah ) #334

Things I’ve not eaten in the past few days… Passed up birthday cake at my grandson’s bday dinner Friday evening, then another birthday cake, donuts, and pizza (today) at the office this week. Why is anything brought into the office nothing but carbs and/or sugar?!

It’s so awesome and amazing to me that I have absolutely no difficulty ignoring the goodies brought into the office. Today when they announced pizza for lunch, I was way more interested in getting into the chicken salad I had brought for lunch.


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It’s everywhere!

I’ll bet it tasted a lot better, too. :+1:

(Adriana) #336

Today I didn’t eat the dulce de leche empanadas, handmade tortillas and flour gorditas my coworkers brought me from a trip, I was really tempted by the empanadas :drooling_face:, but decided to give everything away to other (not so fortunate/friendly) coworkers before cheating.

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Oh, you ROCK, Adriana! :+1:

That would have been tempting for me too!
I’m glad you didn’t share a picture. :disappointed_relieved:

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Legal poisoning of people you don’t like. #smart

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That’s smart!
Hard to mess up an order for a single turkey leg. :laughing:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Our coworkers never knew what hit 'em!