What did you Keto today?

(Becky) #2607

So good!

(Doug) #2608





Angus burger with a side of veggies in garlic-ginger sauce.


Whoa! How did you do this?


I NEVER look at this thread when fasting!! You are brave…


I MUST try those biscuits! Thanks for the link and pics.

(Ren) #2614

1 head of cauliflower
1 block of cream cheese
1 8oz block of cheddar
1 8oz block of jack cheese
3 green onions
1lb of bacon

steam 1 head of cauliflower till tender.
and cook off 1lb of bacon

mix up
6-8oz of soften cream cheese
6oz cheddar
6oz jack cheese

add bacon and 3 green onions chopped and mix

add cauliflower and mix. Pour in casserole dish. Top with remaining grated cheese cover with foil and bake at 325-350 for 20-30minutes. Take foil off and up temperature to 400-425 and bake till top is golden brown and bubbly.

(Andrew Anderson) #2615

Feasting and football

(Khara) #2616

Made some of Carl’s Keto Coleslaw to go with our leftover ribs. S.O. was going to run to the store and get some from the deli. Had to break the news to him that it’d be loaded with sugar. But I remembered seeing the recipe here and voila!

(Ernest) #2617

A little smoke session…

(Mary) #2618

I started using a smaller :fried_egg: so I can lift it easily. The posts are a pleasure to see.

(Ben) #2619

Chicken and prawn fathead. Yum.

(Ren) #2620

Keto pancakes w/ sugar free syrup and thick cut pepper bacon.

I love me some pancakes and haven’t been able to find a recipe that I have liked. Texture is always off. I did some experimenting and came up with these. I still need to tweak them, but they are close. A little bit too eggy for taste but texture was good. Gonna make some tweaks before I call it done.

(Dustin Sherrill) #2621

I would like this but I think I would substituted the pickles for Jalapeños or some form of a modified Chile Relleno recipe.


Eggs scrambled with red bell pepper, Spam, and nacho cheese sauce with a side of garlic-butter zucchini.

(Ernest) #2623

OMAD Monday!! 2 hours after a brutal 5X5 session
3 whole eggs plus an extra yolk. Fried in pure leaf lard.
Sous vide Flanken beef short ribs, finished in Cast iron skillet

Washed down with a short of KetoMCT

(Ellie Baum) #2624

Those eggs look so orange. Yum. Free range?

(Ellie Baum) #2625

Pork chop with zucchini smothered in a chipotle coffee mole cheese sauce topped with carmelized onions

(Ernest) #2626

Always! Pasture raised.