What did you Keto today?


Tuna poke served with sesame mayo and nori sheets wrap style

Lasagna with sliced turkey for “noodles”

(Jeremy Storie) #2588

That tuna looks amazing! I love sushi but it’s hard to find without all the carbage.


Yea I just make it homemade and don’t bother with the cauliflower rice substitute. I just wrap fish in nori and serve with wasabi and tamari and sometimes mayo depending on fat needs.


(Ernest) #2590

@GoMaria Finex cast iron. Got it from Williams Sonoma.
I have a bunch of cast iron skillets but nothing comes close to this one

(Ernest) #2591

Time to eat!! Road OMAD


(matt ) #2593

Sous vide London Broil finished on the grill and served with cheese sauce.


Lettuce wrapped bacon cheeseburger :hamburger: with the cutest little avocado I’ve ever seen.

(What The Fast?!) #2595

Just passed 72 hours fasting…I must be a masochist to come to this thread…

(Richard Morris) #2596

HAHA yeah.

At least it appears that you are tolerating the fasts better :slight_smile:

(What The Fast?!) #2597

Still not feeling up to working out, but this thread sure helps me figure out all the tasty things I’ll eat when I break the fast!!

(Mary) #2598

Thank you. Is it heavy? My wrists are not as strong so looking for good tools.


Bbq blue cheese bacon onion meatza

(Ren) #2600

Chicken fajita cabbage cups with smoked habanero jack cheese, avocado, and sour cream.

(Jeremy Storie) #2601


(Ernest) #2602

Oh yeah, it’s heavy. Heavier than the lodge skillets.

(Ernest) #2603

I couldn’t make up my mind whether or not to scramble or fry eggs. So I did what any logical ketoknight would do…?

(Doug) #2604

Five-Star picture; would look again. :grinning:


Ever get that feeling your food is staring at you?

(Khara) #2606

I’m sorta disappointed in this picture. These ribs were SO pretty on the grill but I didn’t get a pic. Then we brought them inside and just started eating them. So here’s a picture of half of them. These smoked for 8-9 hours today and are seasoned only with salt, pepper, and garlic. The flavor is incredible, no sauce wanted. Secret ingredient is a Traeger. It makes meat taste unbelievably great. If you’re in the market for a new grill I highly recommend one. We cook probably 95% of our meat in it and only occasionally use the stove top.