What did you Keto today?

(Charmaine) #2384

OMG, I’m eating all the meats! Wow! I had some ground beef left from the Meatza, and so I stuffed it with a little provolone and a few green olives and made a huge meatball. Then there was half of the steak left. There’s also some onion and mushrooms sautéed and thrown in. All of this was smothered in compound butter… I have no words - what have I been missing out in all my life? Nope it’s not a carnivore meal, but dang it, it’s awesomeness!


Continuing my love affair with zoodles. Chicken, bacon and mushroom carbonara.

It is sort of a cross between a turnip and celery.

They taste quite celery like. I found I need to par boil them in chicken stock to dampen the flavour a bit and then heavily season with olive oil, butter and salt and pepper. I found that baking in the oven produced the best chip. They are OK. They are not french fries! I haven’t found anything that compares I am afraid. These are pretty decent though.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2386

Forgot to post this yesterday.

Pork rind nachos with sauteed chorizo and home made nacho cheese sauce (using sodium citrate):

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #2387

Made those last week. They’re fantastic.

(Ernest) #2388

Keto on the road… Smoked beef was vacuum sealed and frozen at home. Packed for the trip.


BLT sushi with avocado on the inside and outside. I’ll do a tighter weave next time to try and make it hold better together, but it was still ‘delish!’

(Zu) #2390

Isn’t blk tahini the bomb? I’m a tahini freak and stock all three, hulled, unhulled, and blk… Totally 4.5kg worth lol


Yes it’s great. I can’t get fully whole normal, only demi complet which is half full and half hulled. The black sesame tahini is actually half black and half whole so great.

(Zu) #2392

Well hopefully when you get back to uk you will be able to expand your tahini repertoire… Actually I need to expand mine and get this half whole and half blk… Maybe I can mix my own?! I may have done it and forgotten. I like it in food processor with sunflower seeds. It’s takes on another form altogether.


Well if you have a coffee grinder you can make your own from scratch, yes. If you were to have black, whole and hulled, you could make any combo your heart desired!


Nothing special. I didn’t prepare lunch today so I made a makeshift one with Reuben sandwich with the rye bread thrown out (which perplexed my co-workers) and avocado.

(Jase) #2395

300g tomahawk…

(Peter Bursky) #2396

Made a big batch of pulled port last night, using Richard’s pulled beef recipe (http://blog.2keto.com/recipe/pulled-beef-6-ways/ )

Packed most of it in to zip bags and put them in freezer, and the rest was made hungarian style - really wanted to try as i have some hungarian ancestry.
Server it with Garlic “Gnocchi” - i found the link in Carl’s fettucine post… It was a bit more laborious than i have hoped for, but totally worth it!

Served with a bit of sour cream on side…

And the next time i eat it i think i’ll have a few pickled cucumbers :grin:


my wife’s green curry, but with a bed of pork rinds instead of rice!

(Charmaine) #2398



Made pasta with shirataki/miracle noodle.

Warning: This one is a slippery slope. Store bought tomato sauces will have sugar, so you have to either make them yourself or careful what you buy or reduce the serving. So it’s definitely not a carb free meal.

Also I’m going against Dr. Gundry recommendation of staying away tomato. But it’s up to you how seriously you take that recommendation.

Personally the noodle I bought don’t smell and I fry it up without oil to dehrydate it a bit first (it doesn’t burn). All in all it’s delicious and taste just like regular pasta to me.


PS. Don’t forget the Parmigiano Reggiano.


Definitely gonna give the “garlic gnocchi” a try, except for garlic I might go with ginger and turmeric powder since I’m very used to those flavor.

(Doug) #2402


W o w. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jase) #2403

Mixed grill in Indian restaurant is tonight’s protein load!

(Charmaine) #2404

:grin: thank you!