What did you Keto today?

(Jeff Davis) #2299

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture snapped before I ate it. Cheeseburger with ground mustard and jalapeños, topped with a fried egg, over easy. There’s a chance I ate two. I’m planning a 60-hour or so fast starting in a few hours, so I’m feasting my way up to it!

(Doug) #2300

:sunglasses::smiley::sunglasses: Jeff, that sounds superb.

(Jon Slaughter) #2301

Beef & “Rice” Tacos.



Breakfast in bed: Bowl biscuit with sausage and gravy, garlic butter squash, and mudslide coffee with cream.

(Ernest) #2303

Smoked beef omelette with Gouda cheese…


Caramel & Hazelnut Ice Cream for pudding.

Recipe here…




I like torturing myself when I fast too!

(Jeremy Storie) #2307

Taco salad with no salad :grin:

(Ben) #2308

Homemade burger
Homemade mayo
Goats cheese
Homemade keto bun

(Natalie Palombi) #2309

omg Ernest… I’m droolin over here!!!

(Jon Slaughter) #2310

(Jon Slaughter) #2311


Salad with bacon, tomato, cheese, ranch dressing, a hard boiled egg, and some Fox Hill croutonz!


Crustless pizza from a batch of four that my husband made and froze several days ago. So quick and convenient for weekday lunches! My non-keto teenager declared that she actually prefers this to regular pizza.


I know you’ve elaborated before but can you describe your method. Layering? Reheating?


Hubby used disposable (though I reuse them) 8x8 aluminum pans. He covered the bottom with mozzarella, then put on the cooked, drained, and cooled toppings (red bell pepper, olives, mushrooms, Italian sausage, onions, tomato paste with Italian seasoning), then he put on a layer of Canadian bacon, topped with more mozzarella, a layer of uncooked, reduced fat (to keep the finished pizza from being too greasy) pepperoni, then a sprinkling of cheese. I think he also put a little parmesan in there somewhere. We covered the pans tightly with foil and froze them. To reheat, I set one out on the counter, uncovered, in the morning, then around 3 hours later, I popped it (softened a bit, but still icy) in a convection oven set to 325 (still uncovered) for about 35 minutes (but I put it in the oven without preheating it). I was home, anyway, but this would work well to put the pizza in the oven in the morning and set the timer to have it ready for lunch when you get home (dinner might be too long for it to set out).

(Zu) #2316


This is the Keto gravy and keto stuffing. T’was my first meat since early july due to my long fast.

Take note the extra skin, which i wrapped my stuffing in, and dipped into my keto gravy. Tear-worthy.

I added a slice of breast, just as I have heard it has special vit B’s then the rest of the chicken…

The gravy was just drippings, ridiculous amount of butter, spoon drained yoghurt dip, spoon tahini, almond meal, LSA, mushrooms, and a few pinches of slippery elm powder (which may have helped thicken it)… that was lunch, had a generous fatbomb pudding for dinner.

The stuffing, again ridiculous amounts of butter, the creepy little pale green bits inside the celery and their leaves, fresh thyme, oregan, coriander, LSA and almond meal, pepita, sunflower, and almonds, and 1.5TB sweet potatoe (yes not too low carb)

I have feasted, now I will probably fast it out for a few days… Broth the bones


YUM. What a great idea re chicken skin and stuffing. I would like to eat at your place please.

(Zu) #2318

Welcome anytime!

Should have pic’d you my fatbomb pudding bowl too. T’was green from a bit too much spirulina and chlorella powder but so nice, esp next to my tea…coconut oil, tahini, strained yoghurt dip, coconut butter, cacao nibs, nuts, wee bit of stevia, cinnamon, LSA, real mature coconut flesh, and desiccated just in case, maca powder, chia seeds, warmish in a custard consistency. much more appealing than a cold hard set bomb