What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

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@Daisy we are headed to 10000. Should we start anther thread soon?

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I like Savoy cabbage as a lasagna noodles replacement, works quite well.

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Roast beast au povoire and spicy Napa cabbage!


Could be and that does sound familiar. Both for the last ‘what did you Keto’ thread, as well as that other one you mentioned too. … Either way it wouldn’t hurt since we are getting close to the 10,000 post limit anyway. … Bit late and I’ve been going all day, so maybe I’ll just start a new one for everyone tomorrow.

I think I’ve also noticed it appears to be more predominant during the daytime, apposed to later in the evening. So this could also be from heavier traffic overall? Not sure…

Today’s meals…

Lunch - Eggs, Bacon and Sausage Patties

Dinner - Cauliflower with Butter, Sweet Italian Sausage (ate 3), Chicken Gizzards and a Small Hamburger,

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I’m on my IPhone 8’s and don’t have any problems

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This zucchini noodle lasagna comes in at 13 carbs, but it’s for a huge omad serving that contains all my daily macros in one dish. Delish!


This looks a mess, but it was very tasty, and it looked great until I removed it from the pan. It was two slices of beef liver with mushrooms and cheese between the two, wrapped in bacon. The beef liver was marinaded in sweet cream and pepper, and it was nice and moist. This is my new go-to with both chicken and beef liver - marinade all day in sweet cream plus spices. It completely changes texture, makes the flavor milder and adds whatever flavors you like. I had two meals yesterday, brunch pictured earlier.

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Gf bought too much deli meat when she went to the store last week :joy: so she gave some to me. Omelette with hard salami, Virginia ham, and cheese


Thanks… The slow downs could be from a number of things, from time of day, amount of traffic, etc. But in the past, we have had issues with threads that receive a lot of images, such as this one. And creating a new thread for those has indeed shown improvements with the uploading. Plus there is a 10,000 post limit to threads we are quickly approaching presently. So a new thread would be needed either way…

With that, I will go ahead and create a new “What Did You Keto Today” thread and post the link to it here. Then just close this one down. Though I hope this helps with the slow downs, only time will tell.

The new thread can be found below…

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