What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!


I only ate four but my wife is eyeing them up now for her dinner! :joy:

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #9196

Fair enough! Enjoy! :poultry_leg:

(Troy) #9197

Looks good!

Now or for your next meal " if " any left overs
Finish it off and top with a Poached Egg😍

(Karen) #9198

Day 9 of isolation

Chicken, green beans, cauliflower sauté, green salad with avocado

(Brandy) #9199

One of our local oyster companies put out word that they’d deliver their oysters to our doorsteps for 9 bucks a dozen, since the restaurants they typically supply are shut down. No contact, porch drop off. 9 bucks! Harvested and delivered today! Now, to get these bad boys shucked and tossed down my gullet. Silver linings folks…

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9200

What are you using to shuck them? Is that something you’ve done before? Careful! :cowboy_hat_face:

(Brandy) #9201

Heh. Yeah, I’ve got a couple of different shucking knives and kitchen towels. Growing up on Puget Sound will give a person mad shucking skills.

(Jane) #9202

Made 1/2 recipe instead of a whole cake so made cupcakes. I don’t like coconut so left it out.

Recipe from this thread.

(Brandy) #9203

Holy oysters- I am full. This is a Pacific variety called Dabob Bay. They are big. Big big big. Two dozen for three of us and no side dishes. It was a push, but we did it. Now I’m ready to fast for a couple of days.

(Mame) #9204

These look lovely. I like her recipes but sometimes find them too sweet for me. Did you ever have this issue?
I made a maple pecan mug cake today (and ate half) apparently it was a cake kind of day!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9205

Breakfast for Dinner

Bacon Eggs Brie and Tomato

food is running low a bit for me, I was out of town when things got bad here. I’ll have to venture out early tomorrow morning and see what I can get :pray::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::cowboy_hat_face:


Today’s meals…

Mid-day - Butter Fried Eggs, Sausage Links and Turkey Scrapple

Dinner - NY Strip Steak, Mushrooms and Jumbo Brussel Sprouts. Also had a piece of Ribs the wife made a couple days ago.


My husband… I can’t…no comment… :joy:

('Jackie P') #9208

Take care, stay safe and healthy. Apparently the virus can live for 3 days on stainless steel. Shopping trolleys and petrol pumps are the worst offenders. :confused:


Rib eye steak, zucchini, half of a large Portobello mushroom. It was delicious.

(Jody) #9210

Saturday OMAD (no pic):

16oz Ribeye and 12oz lightly seared chicken liver.


Sunday OMAD:

1 lb [GF/F 70/30] Beef patties w/ 3 slices of Swiss Cheese, 6 scrablmed eggs

(Steve) #9211

My Never Boil Again Corned Beef

(Karen) #9212

Wow. Looking good

(Jane) #9213

I agree. My hubby loved them but too sweet for me. I had part of one and was looking for something salty to counteract the sweet.

(Jane) #9214

Homemade red curry with leftover pork tenderloin