What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!


Wife threw together some stuff for my lunch. … Decided to eat a small bit of it in the morning with all the craziness going on and waiting for info… Boiled Eggs, Cheese and Almonds.



BBQ again, we have some lovely sunny and warm afternoons :slight_smile:

(traci simpson) #9095

Lunch shrimp and beef.

(Jane) #9096

It looks like your towel is smiling…lol :grin:


:joy: or laughing at me :wink:

(Brandy) #9099

Thin sliced London broil

On the smoker after a generous seasoning of sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika and pepper flakes from Flatiron Pepper Co.

Almost there!

Spicy, uncured beef jerky.


That looks outstanding!

(Brandy) #9101

Thanks! It’s how we shelter in place.

(Karen) #9102

Breakfast for dinner. Chaffle with choc zero syrup. Three strips of bacon.


About 24 ozs of cold very rare sliced tri tip with a few jalapeño poppers. Gotta love leftovers

(Brandy) #9104

Chinese braised pork belly tonight. In the recipe below, if you sub Allulose for sugar, tamari or coconut aminos for soy sauce and ignore the instructions to serve over rice, you’ve got yourself 1 net carb per serving, 7 total.

And by the way @David_Stilley, you were totally right. The sweetness of the coconut aminos was not only fine in a sweeter Chinese dish, it was amazeballs. :wink:



Lunch yesterday was supposed to be this… but I only got to eat the Pepperoni, Pickled Sausage and Cheese. As for the 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken, I only ate the Drum Sick and a couple bites of the Breast, before being pulled into more meetings and never got back to it to enjoy any of it. So had to be tossed before heading back home for the day.

Last night’s dinner, after a botched lunch. Couple Burgers with Swiss and Cottage Cheese…

(Jody) #9106

Tuesday OMAD:

20oz Corned Beef and some cottage cheese

(Mame) #9107

this looks wonderful! I will be making it.

so… did you have rice wine on hand? I have rice vinegar and i have wine…

yum! My corned beef is in my dutch oven right now! can’t wait. i am trying the costco one this year…


Today’s lunch, and yep, still at work. - Was informed Monday I would need to start working from home, but the next day it changed and was told they wanted me here to support staff and work out in the field. But first stop I made this morning and got called back to the office for GIS stuff… :confused:

Couple Hamburgers with Mozzarella Cheese. Also a Ginger Root Beer and ate a couple Almonds.


(Brandy) #9109

@cervyn- yes, I keep rice wine on hand at all times but you can use dry sherry, or in a pinch, dry white wine. Rice vinegar is used differently.

(Karen) #9110

Chaffle With egg salad.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #9111

Caserole: 2 butter poached eggs on a bed of tuna, avocard (a 50/50 mix of lard and avocado oil), palm oil, mustard and chipotle/ancho hot sauce.

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #9112

Had the opportunity to test a new grill today… turns out it’s perfect for toasted cheese and ham chafflewiches! The jar of Branston pickle belongs to Mr Snaps.

New baby!

Home for supper. This is such a favourite - salmon pestotto.

(Susan) #9113

Nachos with pork rinds, black olives, spiced meat and cheddar cheese.