What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Candy Lind) #803

Love dat smoked seafood porn!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #804

@Mr.A46221 that looks like a delicious, sloppy reuben, had I not read the description. :drooling_face:

(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #805

We have a nice lamb burger WITH CHEESE, chicken thigh WITH CHEESE, a ridiculously big dollup of sour cream, black olives strewn haphazardly about, a big red tomato, and some green shit. A heck of a lot Himalayan salt like it was going out of style. All eaten with a spoon, because I have a spoon fetish.

(Ernest) #806

What’s better than steak n eggs? Steak n bacon

(Allie) #807

Not when they’re shut in my cupboard growing they don’t :rofl:

(Clare) #808

Currently sitting at Canterbury train station with a lunch I packed earlier…no photo as it got a bit smashed up in transit! Chowing down on leftover burger and bacon from last night with cheese and mayo…:joy::joy: keto life is goooood! :yum:

(traci simpson) #809

So I’m trying something different today. I’m eating breakfast and then a very late lunch/early dinner, hopefully around 3.

(Rebecca) #810

Breakfast was a goose egg scrambled with butter - it was glorious!

Here’s a pic of some chicken soup I’ve got going in the slow cooker. So far it’s chicken legs, stock, seasoning and a load of butter. I’ll be pimping it with some cream at the blending stage!

(FRANK) #811

Digital_Dave, when you eat OMAD, any idea how many calories you are consuming? Curious if you consume to satiety or do you have a calorie limit/ Also, further back you mentioned commenting on your thread. How do I find it? I would like to follow you on that. I am impressed with your weight loss and am searching for something new for myself. Been stalled for a long time and actually gaining weight.

(Jody) #812

I believe this is the thread you are looking for.

(Cathy) #813

My new obsession for lunch is deconstructed deviled eggs with smoked salmon and everything bagel spice and a cup of h.m. broth.

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #814

Oh Rebecca, I finally figured out I was looking at this through the glass lid of the cooker. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I wasn’t sure what it was a first. The chicken soup sounds good, though! :yum:

(Jane) #815

Had me going, too! I was trying to find the goose egg in the pic!!!

(Rebecca) #816

Ah yes, chicken pimples slathered in butter can be a little hard to recognise, Darren!


Wish me luck - I’m about to get into that slow cooker with my sleeves rolled up to take the bones and stuff away, and add the cream. If anyone wants any skin I’m afraid they’ll have to fight me for it!


(Rebecca) #817


Reckon 8 hours on low would be mild overkill even on a 200g goosey whopper!

Scrambled it this morning - food of the gods, it was! Farm shop special. Can’t possibly afford to feed that new obsession daily, mind - but guys, if you’ve never tried a goose egg then do - such a treat!

(Allie) #818

Belly pork and fatty coffee. OMAD.

(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #819



My son cooked me breakfast. 4oz salmon, 2 eggs (I think?), and a perfectly ripe avocado. Yum.

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #821

Look @x-Dena-x, we’re in good company!

@Sharon_E’s got a beautiful paper plate! :+1:

(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #822

If there’s one thing in life I can appreciate, it’s paper plate kinship.