What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #8102

Just out of the Smoker

Much later than I usually eat dinner, Andouille Sausage Coil and Cajun Smoked Turkey Wings. Definitely not eating it all tonight! :cowboy_hat_face:

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #8103

Zucchini pasta with meat sauce.
Broiled brussle sprouts
Salad w pepperoni (not shown)

(Full Metal KETO AF) #8104

@KetoCancerMom Yum, and that plate looks like Jackson Pollock artwork! :grin:


(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #8105

I used to chew these like sweeties! :joy::see_no_evil::joy:

(Steve) #8106

Sure, here you go!

Chili Rellano (new keto version)

Char poblano peppers over a gas stove, BBQ or torch and peel the charred skin off.
Put a slit in the side and remove seeds and membrane.
Stuff with cheese and what ever you like.
Dust with almond flour.
Beat up egg whites until peaked and lightly beat in egg yolk (5 seconds)
Heat oil (I use refined Coconut oil)
Hold the poblano by the stem and dip into egg white mixture to cover.
Fry till golden brown. (if you are adding in meat or shredded chicken, warm it a little first.

The traditional method was coated with flour and cooked in a vat of vegetable oil so I modified it to make it healthy.
I make up 6 of these as they are really good and satisfying a day or two later with salsa verde or enchilada sauce. Super easy to make too.

('Jackie P') #8107

Strictly speaking I use this recipe with extra cheese added, but if I am making for someone else, like mum in this case, I use a little of the bechamel ( bearing in mind there are 6g carbs in 1 tbsp of flour, so I’m guessing 1-2 g) and make it up with cheese and cream cheese.

I was out at friends for dinner last night. There were people there I didn’t know so I didn’t take photos :joy:. We had broccoli and stilton soup, chicken in white wine and cream sauce and a beautiful keto carrot cake :joy:

I know, I love it. I pinched it from a post in another thread😊

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #8108

I’ve been busy chaffling this morning…I’m gonna need a new pot of baking powder soon :thinking:

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #8109

Check out my enormous chaffle-sized burger! :joy::joy:

(Paulene ) #8110

Oohh… broccoli and stilton soup… sounds delish.

(Rebecca) #8111

I make cheese sauce out of cauliflower - truth be told, I make most things out of cauliflower! :rofl::rofl::rofl: I nuke frozen cauliflower (cheap, easy, always got it) and without draining it I blend it with strong cheese, salt, pepper and some deactivated yeast flakes.

It’s sooooo creamy and doesn’t taste of cauliflower!

('Jackie P') #8112

Wow! I will try that. To be honest, the cream cheese and cream combo is quite rich.
I used to make my curry base sauce by pureeing lots of cooked onion, garlic and ginger. But to reduce the carbs I sub in cauliflower for some of the onion and puree. It is lovely!
:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: another great tip from @KetoSnaps :hugs::hugs::hugs:

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #8113

She needs a sous chef badge like you!

('Jackie P') #8114

She sure does😊

(Rebecca) #8115

Awwwww, shucks…! :grin::grin::grin::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s really yummy in lasagne and cauliflower cheese. Well for the latter it’s literally just the same ingredients as the solid cauliflower and cheese - so that’s how it kind of just happened by accident.

Sometimes I’ll bung some cream cheese as well, if I want it extra creamy.

If I want just white sauce, not cheesy, I won’t add the cheese but I will still add the nutritional yeast flakes - they kind of ‘neutralise’ the cauliflowerness.

(Engevita flakes. Or ‘fish food’, as Mr S calls them. They look very similar…)


Was scheduled to go in and work snow duty today, but the forecast changed some, so looks like it may have been called off. … Had Fried Eggs over Hamburger, and added some Hard Salami and Pepperoni with Cream Cheese, along with an Almond Milk for some added flavor.

('Jackie P') #8117

Another cauliflower cheese topped shepherds pie. And some lemon and lime frankenfluff :hugs:

I have some nutritional yeast - now I know what to do with it!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #8118

I don’t know if you Brits realize how funny this sounds to us in America, bung has a totally different meaning here apparently!


(Karen) #8119

Breakfast: 3 ounces of ribeye, and coffee with heavy whipping cream

(Rebecca) #8120

Hmmmm, it seems I omitted the seemingly very necessary, for reasons of common decency, preposition - I meant to write ‘sometimes I’ll bung in some cream cheese as well’!

I totally agree that to ‘bung some cream cheese’ sounds decidedly suspicious…!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Edited to say that perhaps including the ‘in’ might be even worse…? :thinking:

(Rebecca) #8121

SNAP!!! Made exactly this flavour yesterday, to scoff over the weekend. As it happens we weren’t at home at lunchtime… so it’s still ALL in the fridge. Breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow all look FRANKENFLAVOURED!