What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #8082

Chicken thighs, caulimash and chicken stock gravy!

(And a sneaky piece of chocolate)

(Karen) #8083

Lunch: smoked salmon cream cheese, arugula, red onion, capers. All on a keto waffle

A little carby

(Mame) #8084

Breaking my 65 hour fast, finally hungry


Rib eye, fermented green beans, cauliflower cheese with ham, camera-shy mushrooms and a mocha for afters… couldn’t eat it all but yummy.


Mid-day meal earlier… Salami Poppers, Back and Sausage

(Candy Lind) #8086

Describe the method & ingredients? Thanks!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #8087

#McLazyKeto Sausage, bacon egg and cheese from McDonald’s. I’ve been so busy for meal prep!

(Rebecca) #8088

Silverside cooked all day on low in the slow cooker, gravy made from the liquidised pot liquor (beef juices, red wine, a beef stock cube, a serving of homemade chicken liver pate, onion, celery), cheeesy cauliflower mash, shredded cabbage/leek combo…

Admittedly not an attractive meal, but OMG the flaaaaaaaaaavour… :yum:

(Marianne) #8089

Can you share a recipe? Is this a dietdoctor recipe? If so, I can get it there.


(Full Metal KETO AF) #8090

@KetoSnaps I think you need to write up a Frankenfluff recipe topic to refer people to, inquiring minds want to know!


(Ellen) #8091

Finally remembered to take a pic of the oxtail stew, not pretty but pretty darn tasty and filling with all the fat & protein.

(Rebecca) #8092

It’s basically sugar-free jelly granules and a bunch of dairy! Here’s what I wrote further up:


Tis a pudding of my own invention - the name arose because when you whisk it it ‘grows’ like something out of a horror film!

It’s a sachet of Hartley’s sugar-free jelly (I’ve tried various flavours) made up with only 300ml boiling water, stir until dissolved.
Add two individual pots of natural yoghurt and a 250g tub of cream cheese (I’ve found you can add these all at once, while the jelly’s still hot), and whisk with an electric whisk until it’s massively foamy.

I bung it into 2 old ice cream tubs and leave it to set in the fridge.



Enjoy, @gingersmommy! Flavours I’ve tried so far are strawberry, lemon and lime, and blackcurrant. @CrackerJax has made it out of raspberry jelly granules - I haven’t tried that flavour in FF format, although I’m not keen on straight raspberry jelly (which is why I haven’t tried it!). Hartley’s make an orange flavour jelly too - but I don’t really fancy that as mousse - it would remind me of those awful synthetic orange flavoured effervescent Vitamin C ‘fizzers’ I was made to drink as a child…! :nauseated_face:

(Paulene ) #8093

That looks sooo gooood.
(I think my eyes crave green on this thread :grin:)

(Paulene ) #8094

Oh yeah, mmmm, how could that go wrong? Think that’s what I’m making for lunch today.
How do you make your cheese sauce? (Have to admit I do miss bechemel :roll_eyes:)

(Paulene ) #8095

Hey @KetoCancerMom, what is the drink that looks like chocolate powder?

(Karen) #8096

What another sandwich???…
Keto waffle, onion chive cream cheese, zucchini, lemon pepper, arugula, and some walnuts

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #8097

My heavy cream with chocolate MCT powder

(Paulene ) #8098

Ok! Sounds like a meal in itself!

(Mame) #8099

Repetitive but yummy :yum: I took different photos for dinner.
image image

Fried paneer, mushrooms, prosciutto and the last? of the chicken veggie soup. Planning on dark choc for dessert… it may be unsweetened or it may have lots of sugar alcohols depending on my mood.

(Brennan) #8100

Friends bday supper - Korean BBQ - pork belly!


2 - 1/4 lb. Hotdogs with Cheese and Pepperoni topping, along with some Chicken. Thigh and 5 drums, plus some Pickles and Olives…