What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Graci) #763

Grilled chicken, cheese, ranch, and celery…craving celery again and wondering about my Ph levels (after that post on acidity I read on here)… I think I will get some Ph strips and start checking.


Back to my old routines. Crock pot pork roast, green beans, butter, and brown gravy on top.

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #765

Was your belly full of macros?

(Diane) #766

Chili cheese dogs with sour cream.

(Jane) #767

What is Cowboy Candy?

(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #768

Exactly. Was going to ask.

(Clare) #769

Yes my belly was full of macros! A rare occasion these days! :laughing:


Norwegian fast Food. So happy they make these ready at the store, so i can just pick up on the way home from work.

(Allie) #771

Just this random turkey drumstick :joy:

(Clare) #772


(Jody) #773


I am changing to TMAD for a little bit. So, though I didn’t get a pic of lunch … it was 2 x 1/2lb beef patties. Dinner was 2 x 1/2lb beef patties and the fat cap from a pork tenderloin I cooked for the wife.

(The change from OMAD to TMAD is to see if it boosts weight loss. When I started Carnivore, I was DROPPING weight (even though I was stalled on Keto). I lost about 11 - 12 lbs in 20 days … then it just kind of stopped. I thought that maybe eating 2-3 lbs of food only a couple of hours before bed might be a little much, so I decided to spread it across 2 meals. In the first 2 days of TMAD, I am already down 1.2 lbs so maybe a good call.)


I do similarly myself… Usually OMAD during the weekdays, with TMAD on Weekends. But I do throw in a TMAD once or twice on some weeks, and stay OMAD for others. This just helps keep things mixed up to it doesn’t become a schedule of sorts. (Of course, I’m also Fasting at some times, so this also breaks things up) … But overall, I do see better weight loss when doing OMAD mostly, but it’s also mentioned or recommended to not do OMAD constantly, even though some do including myself at times, since its said this can cause your Metabolism to slow down over time? (Sorry, I don’t have any links or info that I can provide presently showing the science on this, but have indeed read this information before, as well as spoke with quite a few others who believe this to be correct as well.)

Additionally, over the past year I’ve simply kept carbs under 20g per day and have enjoyed this and it has worked well. But recently I actually had some thoughts about doing a little carb-up experiment of sorts on my own… This would be to maybe just once or twice a Month purposely eat more carbs in a day, say 30-40 or maybe even 50? Just to see if this does anything additionally? Can’t say I have it all figured out on how I will do this, since most the stuff that I do eat is low carb, but I would like to see if carb-ing it up once or twice in a month might help in any way? Won’t know unless I try? :slight_smile: +1:

(Jody) #775

I, actually, am thinking of doing the reverse and doing OMAD on the weekend and TMAD during the week. Right now, I am just wanting to shake things up. We have been Keto since 7/22/17 and have lost a good bit of weight. I am doing Carnivore to test things out and see if I can push it further.

But hey, like you said, it’s all a N=1 experiment to see what works best for YOU.


:+1: Yep, exactly. … Hope you report back with your results. Who knows, maybe yours will work better overall, or just for you, no one knows. :slight_smile: … But I will be trying this soon, I just need to figure out the best way to go about it. I already eat quite a bit, as you know, so don’t want to try eating more as to quantity, but will probably have to look at incorporating some carbier stuff to get those additional carbs in, but not sure on just what presently. - But will be tracking this mainly in my thread, if you’re interested.

(Rebecca Levy) #777

Looks delish. I usually skip breakfast and only have coffee w cream but cheated a little last night and woke up extra hungry. Sorry I got too hungry and ate most before I could snap a pic. (Obviously) did not eat the fruit, tho it was very pretty. Omelette with cheese, mushroom, spinach and a little bit of tomato
Not pictured: the 5 pieces of bacon that got eaten before this was served. Lol


I get one from time to time when I do a Walmart delivery. Have you found an easy way to make one easier to eat? Maybe “butcher” it to remove the tendons?

(Tamela Robinette) #779

Dave I practice the occasional carb up and sweet potatoes are the perfect way to do this if you like them that is. Also, brown rice or quinoa. I mostly stick to sweet potatoes tho with a nice ribeye

(Jules ) #780

This kept me going most of the day, lucky, as was too busy to get a meal break at work tonight.

(Allie) #781

TBH, I just savagely pulled it apart and ripped them out… :rofl:

(Jacqueline Porter) #782

I was a bit curried out to be honest after my curry night last night! Also I didn’t want to mess my kitchen up :joy:took me ages to clean up this morning!

This was just what I fancied! Thats Frank’s extra hot in melted butter. Bloody Marvellous :yum:

Ps. There were 3 left and I’ve just ate them as well! That’s me until tomorrow. Seafront walk and lunch with a friend!