What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #743

Be still my high fat heart :heart::heart::heart::heart:

(Ernest) #744

(Keto Travels) #745

Ingredients- leftover-from-houseguest part 3: omelette with 3 types of ham, sheep’s cheese and herbs fresh from Balcony plus tomatoes with olive salt (extra yum)

(Clare) #746

Salmon, avocado, chorizo chips and cream cheese. You can bet your ass I’ll be hungry again in a little while…

(Keto girl living in a carby world) #747

Much to no one’s surprise, I made taco meat the other day :joy: this morning (since I took a personal day off of work), I decided to combine my newfound omelette making skills, my leftover taco meat, and my new Greek truffle olive oil (because who wouldn’t use a fancy truffle oil to make an omelette? :joy:)

So I present to you, a Mexican-style omelette with cheese and taco meat inside, more taco meat on top, along with some salsa and sour cream on top. Cooked in truffle oil because I’m FANCY, dammit.

(Alec) #748

Bacon spam chips.

(Jody) #749

Carnivore (dropping the day count):

Friday was a mix. We went to the Mexican place and I had a TINY piece of steak. I went home and then had 1/2 can of Spam and deli meats.


1.5lb ground meat patties, 3 soft boiled eggs, shrimp in ghee


TMAD, but this is what it ended up being…
1.5lb of ground meat and the other 1/2 can of SPAM (to finish it)

(Clare) #750

dinner inspiration!!! :slight_smile:

(Keto butts drive me nuts) #751


(Full Metal Keto) #752

Scrambled Eggs, Pâté and Brie with Bacon

Gotta use it up! Last of my Pâté and the Brie is getting ripe. I buy too much cheese sometimes and it’s hard to keep up…:grin:
At least my vegetable bin is only half full now instead of overflowing with cheese!


(traci simpson) #753

Chicken strips breaded with coconut flour, and Parmesan cheese, some ground beef from another dish, some broccoli w bitter and half an avocado.

(Graci) #754

That looks great, was the chicken baked? Could you taste any coconut flavor?

(Clare) #755

Today was complete sh*t. Work was tough and it didn’t stop raining all day. Thanks to @beccs for the ‘din-spiration’ :joy: an omelette stuffed with left over mince and grated cheese to finish to the day. I threw some sour cream just because I could!

(Tamela Robinette) #756

A little old lady at my gym loves me :grin:

(angie) #757

For lunch I made pancakes for the first time with coconut flour, and eggs, plus ham and cheese, fried egg, cream cheese and some cranberries. I was happy, it was good!

(Allie) #758

Kept it simple this morning, eggs, coffee, yoghurt.

Came home at lunchtime and decided to have rump steak and more eggs :joy:

(Keto girl living in a carby world) #759

Looks good, Clare :yum:

(traci simpson) #760

I pan fried it. No coconut taste at all.

(Full Metal Keto) #761

Pulled Pork, Sauerkraut and Cowboy Candy

This was a great idea, Three Kinds of Sauerkraut with sugar free Cowboy Candy I had in the back of the fridge, forgotten. Salty, savory, sweet, hot and sour. I love it when flavor hits all the notes and you have a symphony in your mouth.

I’ll definitely be making this again!

My son was here earlier and I made him lunch which I skipped.


(Troy) #762

Eggs And Pastrami