What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Full Metal Keto) #583

Oh my! :scream: A big part of my reason for continuing life…:slightly_frowning_face:



Yeah, I have some Zucchini out there too, but I’m letting them get a little bigger since I’ve been wanting some Zucchini Boats, which might be as early as this weekend, or maybe early next week? :yum:

(Jane) #585



Not the prettiest picture but tasty. Made taco seasoned pork in the crockpot and a bacon cheddar salad

(Ernest) #587

Shrimp and eggs

(Alec) #588

Alecmcq: “bacon and eggs, please, no bread, with a side of butter”
Cafe order taker: “are you doing that keto thing?”

They still couldn’t stop themselves adding some carbs! :joy::joy:

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #589

Man, all you guys with your deep orange yolks, got me feelin some type of way. My yolks are yellow like the sun. I want good eggs. I cannot get good eggs.

(Ernest) #590

Funny! My order at My neighborhood Starbucks is… Let me get a keto Cold brew.
That’s grande cold brew, extra short espresso, heavy cream

(Jacqueline Porter) #591


(Clare) #592

Three very generous table spoons of cream in my coffee this morning. Should be a good day after this! :laughing::sunny:

(Allie) #593

It looks like it tasted amazing… :heart_eyes:

(Alec) #594

Beef ribs, beautifully fatty.

(Alec) #595

(Jody) #596

Carnivore Day 23

1lb Ground Beef, Chicken Gizzard and Liver, Dark Meat Quarter or Rotisserie Chicken.

(Clare) #597

Nice picky plate today of tuna and mayo, avocado, olives and egg and fancy bologna :muscle:

(Allie) #598

I don’t often eat in the evening but last night felt food and rest were needed instead of a gym session. There’s ribeye under these eggs.

(Fred Buchanan) #599


(Brennan) #600

Omg this reminded me of my favorite dish from a restaurant back home! Pork tenderloin flambéed with strawberries :drooling_face:

That looks so delicious!


What are those beauties???

(Ernest) #602

Oh yeah. Many times. I sous vide then sear.
It’s Fantastic