What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Susan) #2693

That looks lovely and I am sure that it is delicious.


Thanks, now I have an idea for my husband’s bday :slight_smile:


My friend tried his first “under the hood,” other said the potatoes were great, I say the meat was deeelllicious :slight_smile:

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #2696

Awwwww that’s my absolute favorite!!! Ommm nom nom. I used to poke them out as a kid and my zizi’s would yell at me bout those beingnthe best part lol.

(Full Metal Keto) #2697

How did he seal it? :cowboy_hat_face:


You don’t, just place the hood over the bottom
dish and cover the hood with charcoal.

(Full Metal Keto) #2699

@Meerkatsandy There’s a thing cooking food under the hood of your car while driving. On top of the engine. I thought that was what you were talking about. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Diane) #2700

I watched some program that claimed to debunk this as a myth. Not possible.

(Nasir) #2701

The way mums used to make it back home is by adding semolina to butter when melting it. This would stop butter from burning. Ghee was then drained out and sugar added to semolina turning it into a dessert.

(Full Metal Keto) #2702

Tell Gordon. I don’t think he got the memo.:joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:

(Full Metal Keto) #2703

Lamb with Daikon & Gravy

Searing the Sousvide Lamb

I also had a bowl of that Salvage Soup.


(Diane) #2704

Good to know if not very practical for me personally.



Forgot to post my earlier meal… Eggs, Bacon, Italian Sausage and some Egg Plant, Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Cherry Tomatoes fried up in Butter. Served again on our Fruit platter. Wife likes the size. :slight_smile:


Also, just finished Dinner… Deviled Eggs, Pepperoni, Pickles, Olives, Cheese, (Cherry Tomatoes not shown) NY Steak Strip, Piece of London Broil (Sous Vide all day) Dungeness Crab & Large Shrimp.


Poached eggs and salad lightly dressed with a vinegar Dijon dressing.

Three meals in a row with poached eggs. They were a nice change and I got some poaching practice but it’s time to move on. :slight_smile:
(Making brisket for the first time tomorrow!)

(Ernest) #2708

BBQ is a long process. BBQ IS NOT SAUCE!!!

Pork bite

(Jacqueline Porter) #2709

OMG that looks delicious!

(Ernest) #2710

I get all bent out of shape when I hear someone say that they cook great BBQ… in the oven.


Aaah, duh :joy: my fat butt thinks of food, cars were way down the line :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
This is my husband’s, just so you can picture the dish :slight_smile:

(April Harkness) #2712

Keto shakshouka! I usually eat carnivore. Today i took a break and did standard keto with my boyfriend. Since my bf is jewish, i picked a dish that was Jewish in origin. Delicious! Will go on my regular rotation!