What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Full Metal Keto) #2551

Burgers and Broccoli

Half Pound of Grass Fed Beef with finely minced Bacon Fat, Horseradish Havarti and Dijon Mustard. Broccoli with Lemon Butter.


(Susan) #2552

Grey Poupon Mustard. fancy fancy, hehe =). I bet Steven is really enjoying his 2 weeks with dad =).


Tonight’s meal… Had a Salad with Pepperoni and Ham, Chicken breast with Rao’s and Cheese.

(Full Metal Keto) #2554

@Momof5 Yeah, I stopped a stuffy British Gentleman in a limousine and ask if he had any Grey Poupon, and he said “But of course I do” and he rolled up his window as the chauffeur drove away. I ended up at the grocery store and had to wait in line to pay for it. :grin:


Didn’t get a chance to eat all day which tempted me to stop at a drive through to get something fast, and probably full of carbs. So I hurried home and threw together a loaded omelette for early dinner. Phew! I came this close (very close) to giving in. I should’ve had a filling coffee this morning. Lesson learned.


I’m glad you remember that commercial. It came up at work a few weeks ago and no one was old enough to recall the classic ad. Oy.

(Susan) #2557

Hehe, that was exactly the commercial that was in my head! =).

(Susan) #2558

Congrats @TimeForMe for resisting temptation and making a delicious omelette instead, well done!

(Jane) #2559

A bit eggy LOL but the texture and taste are much better than the konjac noodles. A bit tricky to make but I’ve got it down now. I use the smallest burner on the highest setting and that seems to be the perfect temp. They are sensitive to the temp you cook them at.

You have to cut them by hand if you want noodles. I had one left over tonight and tried to run it though my pasta maker that will cut spaghetti or fettuccine and they fell apart.

I guess I’ll stick to the thicker noodles because no way I have the patience to cut thin spaghetti!

(Brandy) #2560

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to come participate in the forums. Life can get so hectic yeah? And can I just say that I hate summer break? Teenagers are lazy, ever demanding meat puppets. And still I’m smitten with them, which makes a summer break all that much more maddening. Anyhoo- I’m Keto-ing On, as is my way, for always. I find myself half way through a 96 hour fast this evening, with time on my hands and a picture of my first ever smoked brisket to share. This bad boy turned out better than any I’ve had anywhere.

(Susan) #2561

Welcome back to the forum, Brandy. I have 5 kids, so can relate to your frustrations, it made me giggle with your description.

Congrats on your current fast, that is great =). The brisket does look lovely, that must be hard to resist eating while on a fast. I always have to cook food while fasting for the rest of the family as well, but it is difficult at times.

(Karen) #2562

Lunch: poached eggs, hollandaise, steamed spinach, shrimp

(Brandy) #2563

Hey thanks! We actually smoked the brisket last week. I have to cook for my family every day (also 5 kids, although two are grown and gone) as well, so I just make them things I hate. Ha! I would never cook a brisket while fasting, lest I burst into flames from the speed at which I broke the fast. :wink:

(Susan) #2564

I have 3 daughters still at home (one temporary inbetween housing) and a 3 year old grand daughter and my hubby. I cook and it is not difficult now, but was for the first month or so. Our two sons are out of the house, but the one is home every Sunday for a nice meal. (The rest of the time he lives on take outs and beer… haha).

(Full Metal Keto) #2565

@Wahinewanders Welcome back Brandy, I have missed the pictures of your beautiful food. I’m glad you stayed with KETO, when someone disappears I always wonder if they gave it up. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2566


After those tiny pieces of salmon, I almost started chewing on my toes lol probably would have had more meat on them! :joy::joy:

(Jody) #2567

I cooked my chicken liver in ghee and duck fat. When they were done, I added it ALL (ghee and fat as well) to a bowl then added 1lb of ground beef and mixed it up then topped with salt. Doesn’t look pretty, but it was good!

(Allie) #2568

Eggs for breakfast again :blush:

(Ellen) #2569

WTH? Are you feeling ok? That wouldn’t even fill me up.

(Jody) #2570

I admit, I did think it looked a little small … but I wasn’t judging lol