What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Jane) #2571

My hens just started laying last week so the eggs are still small. Hubby made one large omelette out of 4 eggs and gave me the cut out of the middle (best part!) :heart_eyes:

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2572

I knooowww…that’ll teach me to get salmon from the Co op!
I did go mad on some snacks in the fridge afterwards…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Diane) #2573

I have serious egg jealousy!

(Allie) #2574

I would happily give you some if you weren’t so far away :sparkling_heart:

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2575

omg what’s in your tuna melt?!

(Diane) #2576

If you weren’t so far away, I would happily track you down and accept them!


Edit: @Janie should be at least a little nervous, as she’s much closer. Especially once all her hens start laying!


(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #2577

It’s soo basic. Just tuna drained for an ungodly amount of minutes, celery, onion powder, salt, pepper, mayo. I wanted to put dill relish in, but I couldn’t find any. Then I just threw it in a bakeable dish, and topped it with white American cheese, broiled it not nearly enough because I was hungry, and threw some pickled jalapenos on top. :grin:

(Jacqueline Porter) #2578

Breakfast with a friend

Smashed avocado with chilli and lime, bacon, poached eggs, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms!
A 2 hour natter, such a busy life!:blush:


Have had a slight headache most of the day, so decided to get something before a long meeting… But this is also just another reason I hate Fast Food places. I ordered a Double Quarter Pounder and two (2) of their McDoublers? (I believe their called?) … Well, either the young man knew me better than I do, or was just testing me? But what he gave me the 2 of the 2-for3$ (Meaning 4! and then I got some 1/4lb. Bacon something?) Not sure what the hell he heard when I was ordering, but either way I didn’t have any issues cleaning up his mistake. :wink: Even added Olives, Pepperoni and 2 Squares Lindt’s.


(Steve) #2580

Flattop breakfast with our 1st garden zucchini, kale and beef dogs all fried in bacon fat…
Redneck eggs cooked in mason jar rings, oh and keto chili sauce.

(Full Metal Keto) #2581


Lots of variations here. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Will knit for bacon. ) #2582

Tried out the Diet Doctor’s crack slaw. It’s so tasty I had to fight off a small dinosaur for it.

(Jenn) #2583

I totally had to do a double take on that picture! so funny lol

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #2584

Omg I love your cockatiel!!! I have an African Grey parrot and I call him a dinosaur, so this made me laugh. Love it! Great pic! :black_heart::black_heart:

(Susan) #2585

This is so adorable.

(Candy Lind) #2586

Hi, back after some busy days, and I’m back on the truck with my hubby! :heart_eyes: Several comments here, some on older posts, so I’ll apologize for the length of the post.

I might have to try deep-frying one of those puppies!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

When that happens, clean out your container and start clean with another yolk, then add your “broth” slowly. You can usually rescue it that way. If you are using an immersion blender, it can get hot if your mayo is really thick and cause it to break. If you’re using a food processor, do one small batch at a time for the same reason. I did a batch with two full cups of oil once, and it broke right before I had all the oil in! :exploding_head: Luckily I was able to save it with another egg and pauses for the motor to cool.

I love avocado oil mayo! It’s a bit stronger flavor and hubby doesn’t like it, so I usually do avo+x-light olive oil when I make it at home. I use Chosen Foods or Primal on the truck because it’s just easier.

What recipe do you like? Do they hold together well?

I’m going to try them when I get home again, and I thought an herb chopper (the kind with multiple parallel blades) might be a way to get skinny noodles without a case of heartburn. I’ll report back!

(Jacqueline Porter) #2587

Drove up to Mum’s and we had the rest of the meatloaf from Saturday (which I had frozen)

It was lovely but I couldn’t eat it all!

(Marianne) #2588

Fabulous! I am very envious, but sadly, still lazy.

My only criticism is that those crab legs and shrimp deserve waaaay more butter than what you have in that puny little dish. :joy:

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #2589

Why can’t I get great egg yolk colors like that!!! I’m so jealous.

(Jacqueline Porter) #2591

Strawberries, clotted cream and a sprinkle of erythritol! Im trying to get mum on the erythritol, its a start!