What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Jacqueline Porter) #2531

Yes I do a mix of beef and pork for my meatballs and often make some little patties. Even I used some good sausages and beef mince in my meatloaf.
I will give it some thought though. I could maybe wrap them in bacon instead of skins!
I have found that milled flaxseed is a good substitute for breadcrumbs so …

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2532

Same with the burgers too :confused: too much added stuff thrown in for my liking. I always make my own burgers now but I do miss sausages x

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2533

I have faith in you @Jacqueline_Porter if anyone can make us a nice banger, it’s you!


Decided to break my Fast & eat something. No real reason, no issues, just decided to break out some cans for a lunch. … Spam, some Pork Rinds and (1 can Potted Meat, didn’t eat the second) 2 Smoked Vienna’s, Mustard Sardines, Pepperoni, Pickles, Olives and a cap-full of Peanuts. 2 Squares Lindt’s.


(Full Metal Keto) #2535

Sausage Tomato Cheese Scramble

Louisiana Hot Links, Garden Tomatoes Red Leister Cheese and Sour Cream. A little Thyme in there too. I really love the Red Leister Cheese, very tasty. :yum:


(Jacqueline Porter) #2536


(Jody) #2537

12 oz burger … the Swiss and bacon was stuck to the bread so I had to do a cheese/bacon extraction … with surgical precision. The operation was a success with minimal loss of the goods!

(Full Metal Keto) #2538

@Jody22 Just tell them to hold the bread/bun. It always worked for me. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Jody) #2539

I did, but apparently they thought I can’t have a hamburger w/o bread. :expressionless:

I did call the order in, so maybe it got lost in translation?

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2540

Two measly pieces of salmon and courgettes fried in butter! :joy:

(Jacqueline Porter) #2541

Yes!I once did that with my toes.

(Jody) #2542


Speaking of toes, I see @ClareBear let slip s little peep with her meal photo :wink:

(and the meal looks delicious)

(Jacqueline Porter) #2543

It’s a challenge

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #2544

Post-workout meal 1. Purple Kale and Anchovy salad with EVOO and Raw ACV.

Tuna Melt with White American and jalapenos.

(Full Metal Keto) #2545

Snack Lunch for Steven

Romaine and Sauerkraut Salad with homemade Tahini Vinaigrette and some Salami

Dinner hasn’t been started yet (I usually eat at 3:00) so this is just to hold the little gourmand till then! :joy::joy::grin:


(Jenn) #2546

Bbq chicken “tacos” - zero carb wraps, grilled chicken, avocado and sugar free bbq sauce YUM

(Jane) #2547

Salad with garden onions and tomatoes (yellow and orange). Sadly the lettuce is shot so store-bought.

B’zoodles lasagne with garden cukes and onion soaked in ACV and edamame.

Closeup of the b’zoodles. Two sheets of b’zoodles per layer and I did 3 layers.

(Troy) #2548

Ground Beef
Some Taco Sauce

Simple and Cheap😄

(Full Metal Keto) #2549

@Janie So how about some bZoodles feedback, how are they? :cowboy_hat_face:

(Susan) #2550

That looks fabulous @Janie =).