What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Full Metal Keto) #2229

You’ll want to not use that powder because of the carbs, that doesn’t even sound KETO friendly. I find coconut oil in coffee nasty! But MCT oil goes down like slightly thicker water, tasteless. I think tomorrow I will stick with pure fats, no solid bacon fat. I have a crazy idea for Bacon Fat BPC I plan to try! What could be better than Bacon in your Coffee?


(Susan) #2230

It says on the side: Keto Certified. Supports Paleo Diets.

I bought it from Amazon. It is called Nutiva Organic MCT Powder. It has no sugar.

Is it not Keto friendly? If it isn’t I will stick it aside for now.

(Full Metal Keto) #2231

That’s 20% of your daily carb limit! Is it dextrose? :cowboy_hat_face:

(Karen) #2232

Dinner. Slab of meat and some broccoli.

(Susan) #2233

It is this: @David_Stilley

I have hardly used any of it, tried it in coffee and had that bad reaction, and I used a bit one more time in coffee, and that is all. I am sure I could get my kids to use it up in their smoothies and stuff =). It said Keto certified and I bought it a while back. It gave me a bad reaction the first time (like I was high) and then one more time I tried just a bit and I didn’t like it so I didn’t use it again.

(Susan) #2234

Nice, Karen.

(Susan) #2235

It is a good thing that I only used it twice! I put some in some fat bombs I made last night, but my kids and hubby have been eating them, so I will just let them finish them all and won’t be eating any. I will just use the rest up into recipes I make that I won’t be eating, all good =).

(Diane) #2236

It’s 4 total carbs, but 3 are from fiber… so, 1 net carb per serving. I think it’s probably fine for many folks. Although some people avoid maltodextrin.

(Susan) #2237

My initial reason for buying it was to try to get it to help for digestive issues, now I am not sure if the Fat Bombs I made with it last night are okay for me to eat, or not good Keto wise. I am off of all sweeteners and I didn’t realize until today that it has any, eeeek. My hubby and kids have been enjoying the fat bombs I made with it (silly me, thinking there was no artificial sweeteners in them, geee). I think I will just let them gobble them up. they also have almond butter, coconut oil and cacao powder in them.

Thanks @DiMo for responding and I think I am better to give this a miss, I can use it in muffins, etc that I bake for hubby to use it up, I hate throwing out stuff, haha.

(Full Metal Keto) #2238

Monk fruit is keto friendly, I thought you meant 4 net carbs. Should be fine. I wouldn’t worry about the source of one carb personally. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Susan) #2239

So, does that mean I could use it on a Fat Fast in coffee with the coconut oil for Keto Coffee? or would that mess up autophagy? I am fine just having black coffee with some coconut oil in it if the other would mess it up. I am really wanting to try this Fat Fast soon for 72 hours and see how it goes.

(Parker) #2240

How do you make your kale crispy? I love kale in all ways

(Diane) #2241

I prefer butter or ghee in hot liquids over coconut oil. I find the coconut sits like an oil slick on the surface. I probably wouldn’t use this product when fasting for autophagy, but wouldn’t object to it otherwise.

(Susan) #2242

Okay, thanks Diane =). It is just a new kind of Fasting that Dr. Jason Fung talked about on one of the videos, and David is doing it at the moment and having success so I wanted to see if I would to =).

(Full Metal Keto) #2243

Steven’s Dinner

TriTip and Cauliflower Sauté with Garlic, Coconut Oil, Butter, and Bacon Fat. Topped with some Jalapeño Havarti

Cooking makes me think about eating! I didn’t taste it but it smelled awesome. :nose:t2::man_cook:t3:

Edit: The little piggy demanded more food after he finished that, so I scrambled a couple more eggs, that’s five today with a bunch of meat and vegetables. Not bad for 106 lb kid.


(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #2244

Steven eats like a king at Pop’s house. Care to adopt me? I’m neat sometimes and I sing a lot.

(Susan) #2245

Nice, David =). I love those plates, they are nice.

(Full Metal Keto) #2246

They are the all time most unKETO plates there are, they’re Corelle.

I think it’s called the “Country Diabetes” pattern. My mom passed them to me when she redecorated. :grin:


(Susan) #2247

Hehehe =). Well they are nice =).

(Diane) #2248

I have considered trying to just eat eggs and bacon for a week to see how that shifted/ reset my appetite. They’re both kind of perfect Keto foods, macro-wise, that I actually enjoy.